How does someone know if they're an energy vampire?

I’m just curious because I was doing research on them. I know anyone can practice (and all are passively) vampirism, however I heard some are “born” vampires (some say they have a broken energy system or something)? How would someone know if their one or not?

Energy not sanguine. Thanks!

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Honestly I just advised one of my friends that i think she’s naturally an energy vampire… shes low on energy and is not motivated when she’s alone, but leaves myself and others extremely drained after she’s done visiting. I notice tgat she always wants hugs like multiple times while we’re together, and she always wants to hold my hand… i didnt want to banish her out of my life for a while…but she has vampired me so much that i just had to block her number for a while nor can i answer the door when she comes by…


Scan them

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Some people are born with a slightly different energy system that can’t passively take in energy like everyone else can so they have to actively feed to do it, in which case you will scan their energy system to see this anomaly.

Then there’s those who are possibly reincarnated souls of vampire races such as Asetians, Sethians, and other races of vampires throughout different lores and mythologies. In which case it would be a scan of the soul or a “soul dive” as I like to call it.


What sets a vampire from one of the vampire races apart from someone born with different energy systems?

I already stated it above, one is by their soul and one is an issue with the energy system.

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I know that. So their basically the same thing. Just one is by soul and the other energy system is all then? I’d thought it’d be more then that.

No they’re not the same thing.

One is by soul race and one is by literal issue with the energy body.

the latter is simply being psy vampiric not an actual vampire by soul.

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Yes I know, but it seems both feed on energy. I was trying to distinguish if it’s anything more then the soul vs energy system sets them apart. I understand what your saying. I just want to understand if that’s all that makes a vampiric race, well vampiric…the energy feeding.

The soul and energy system is different?

Are chakras part of the soul?

Theyre part of the same overall system but theyre not the same thing. the energy in the energy system is from the soul. Chakras are part of the energy system. The energy system can be modified and so forth but those modifications do not modify the soul.

lol succubus and incubus are a vampiric race, vampires are vampires. vampiric people require energy to feed like the race of vampires, but one is a condition one is a race. What sets them apart is one is still human and simply has a messed up energy system while the other is an entirely different race of being, that’s about it.

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Sounds like make-believe.

If people avoid being around the „vampire“
People naturally don’t like them/respond well to their „vibe“
The person is a bit clingy, and touchy. (Someone else mentioned that too)

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