How to Perform a Soul Race Scan

I was talking to someone on discord, he was talking about vamping he said anyone who practices magick can vamp but that doesn’t make you a vampire. Then I asked how to become a vampire.

He basically prefaced it by saying he recommended I get a “soul race scan” from a credible person before I continue.

I’ve never heard of this sort of scan if anyone knows how I can perform it on myself let me know.

Appreciate it.


How does someone know if they're an energy vampire? - #14 by Goetia_experiences_a . This topic might help

Pure nonsense. Spirit is spirit, and you will have been through many different incarnations. Some of them will have been parasitic like fleas, ticks and vampires, and some wont. These are experiences you had they do not define you.

Being human is hard, and can only be achieved by spirits that have already got a lot of experience. IF you are an ‘old soul’ especially, if you ask any entity you trust what you’ve been in past incarnations, they answer will probably be “everything”. It was for me.

Now you’re human, the step under the pinnacle of soul achievement, which is ascended human and living god. Why would you want to be anything less, unless like me, you’re kinda unimpressed with how hard it is and just want a break? Finding out who you are is part of ascending, but there’s no reason to limit yourself by getting overly attached to the traits of a life you already finished.


Do you have any resources on this? I’ve heard humans are the pinnacle but I haven’t read up on it besides this site…