How Does Physic Vamperism Help With Necromancy

Hi, I have heard that physic vamperism can help with necromancy, is this true? If this is true how exactly does this help? What are some side effects of necromancy and physic vamperism? What are the best rituals for both?

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I’ve experimented with psychic Vampyrism, but I have never entered Necromancy yet.

For what I’ve heard, Necromancy requires to get in touch with an energy called “Death essence” which can be potentially dangerous to the individual. What Psychic Vampyrism does is absorb that essence and, instead of becoming dangerous, you can actually absorb it and become more powerful with it because you would be used to absorb and process foreign energies

V.K Jehannum has a video about the subject on his channel


When I started necromancy (I have not done much yet), my mentor did not warn me of dangers of the stuff. I have some death essance in a bag of dirt from a graveyard. I also love VK’s works, thanks!

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