How does marriage with spirits work?

How does marriage with spirits work?
Am I going to have to share the “husband”?

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The part that interacts with you is typically all yours. Unless you want to share, then there are ways to do that.


I am speaking from the point of view as a Santero. For a person to become a Santero or Santera they undergo and initiation that is literally a wedding ceremony between the initiate and the Orisha, thus every priest in Santeria is married to their guardian. And this is how it works, due to title and rank when a person marries Orisha that marriage comes first and the physical marriage comes second, if our partner is not okay with that than those relationships tend to dissolve as Orisha has a way of moving people in and out of our lives it over all is kind of a complicated topic in the religion but it definitely is a reality we look at each day.
I am married to Ogun first and I am here to serve him, I am married to my wife second and the standard of our living and what I can provide as a husband is also contingent on my relationship with Ogun in his service and the cultivation of my Ewe Pele (good character)

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Yes, you will have to share the husband, but, as @Narsonix said, the part you marry is uniquely yours.

One thing to keep in mind is that spirits are multidimensional and have many lovers/wives throughout existence, and each “version” is a unique piece of the whole essence that is the spirit.


It works the same as human marriage - each person’s experience is unique. Some people claim their spirit doesn’t want them with humans etc. Mine does not restrict me. He will however, let me know when he does not like someone. And I’ve seen him physically raise his hand to someone who had bad intentions and they ended up with a migraine and a coughing fit :woman_shrugging:.

The aspect you get is yours uniquely, so it’s not sharing. This is hard to wrap your head around at first but trust me, it works. You are also multidimensional and can have other connections, but you’re in human form now and confined to such.


You know who might be good to bring into this and will probably have some links for you, @succupedia.


By “share”, do you mean are other people going to be married to the “husband”?


so it will never be totally mine:’(

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Don’t think like a human. The aspect that you marry is totally yours, but this is an eternal, multidimensional being and it’s a bit ridiculous to think the same way about it as you would in regards to a human lover.

Just like a million magicians the world over can evoke the same spirit at the same time and have it appear, you could be getting busy with your spirit spouse while at the same time he/she/it is talking to another magician about the perks of hair extensions. It doesn’t mean your spouse isn’t really with you.

I think it depends on who/what you are married to. If you are married to a demonic king, then, yes, you would be sharing, because they have a lot of lovers/wives/husbands, but if you called upon Lilith to send you one of her sons to be your husband for example, then that incubus would be for you and you alone.


What Knight said.

It depends on who you marry some may only be yours others not so much…if it’s an incubus I think he is yours n yours alone since he was made brought to you like most of these post say in away they are unique and yours a d only yours in some aspect but it does matter on the who and the what your contact states as well

I’ll tell you about my experience. Me, or rather my spirit, connects with Astaroth an oath or agreement between the spirits. This oath was made by my previous incarnation many centuries ago and bound me with this spirit for all incarnations. In a past life, I had a love relationship with Astaroth and they were fixed in such an unusual way. It is almost impossible to break this oath, and after physical death, as Astaroth told me, my spirit will leave with him.

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Azazel told me something similar about my connection with him and part of my purpose for being here right now.

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As far as I understood from the explanations of King Paimon and Astaroth himself, the spirits exchange part of their own energies. And this is a strong link that cannot be broken by refusing to fulfill an oath / contract.

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He is around, but normally doesn’t interfere with anything except the time I really messed up and he helped pull me out of bad situation.

Sometimes when I stray too much he says things like “this is all you ever wanted” and to not mess with lower entities.

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Oh crap I was told I would return with a spirit to the infernal empire when I die. I also have some of his energy. Damn it all. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
This better not be what im thinking.

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Aren’t humans also multidimensional?

Not in the same way, no.

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I meant in that we’re not just present in this time/incarnation/etc the same way that spirits aren’t?

(HS, our different energetic bodies, parrarel lives, etc)