How Does Lord Pendralion Work or What Are Some Ways Lord Pendralion Works?

During my experience (even in my pact) with Lord Pendralion, I have noticed he uses this major ways to help you:

Information – quickly getting the right information to solve a problem.

Psychology – shifting your thoughts or mindsets to solve a problem. Plus, influencing and manipulating other people’s behavior or thoughts about you in order to assist you or favor you (most times even without asking)

Enviroment Shifting – Lord Pendralion might influence the place where you stay, or make you move from you current place, make you go to place to get jobs, job opportunities in far places. But although Lord Pendralion, might influence your movement, he usually doesn’t do much of long distances.

Lord Pendralion is mostly a type of person who will lead you to a big treasure called information. Yeah! You had me right. If you want wealth Lord Pendralion guides you to find great books on finance, economy, stocks, trading, all that type of information. Then using those information and your experiences in the world, he starts to change or mold your mind to see how the rich think. First you think like the rich, then using the rich thoughts act like the rich and do like the rich, which will lead you to being rich. And during that process of getting rich, Lord Pendralion influences people around you inorder to gain favors or opportunities through them. The great thing I have seen with Lord Pendralion, is that he can use non-useful people around your life (including using your enemies), to bring about new people in your life who will help you in your accession to wealth, and then afterwards, Lord Pendralion, eliminates those non-useful people in your life.

I know maybe some of you are thinking, “What!!! I just came out of school and now into books again. Fuck No!!!” Believe me when I tell you I used to say like that, and believe you me not, nowadays I read about 1-3 books per week, 5-10 books per month. So it was all Lord Pendralion’s good influence on me. But to the book haters, don’t worry. I have found Lord Pendralion can use other sources of Learning: videos, audio books, news on tv, radio, people talking to you, etc. So don’t worry Lord Pendralion always bring about learning resources, or resources needed for learning. For example, my biggest problem was internet connection inorder to download podcasts, videos, audio books or ebooks. Lord Pendralion has eliminated that problem in my life by using my sister to gift me with data bundles and my aunt allowing me to visit her while I use her wifi. Notice even though some of the most developed countries have wifi networks everywhere, in my country we are a little bit behind, in terms of internet. But there is progress. I do believe Lord Pendralion will increase the pace of the progress, and for the sake of those people in my country who will read this book and need the same help from Lord Pendralion.

Lastly, I have noticed that after getting some information, Lord Pendralion will use other people around you to create opportunities for you to apply the information in real life. The process of failing (which might happen) and succeeding while applying this information Lord Pendralion helped you gain, is called Experience. Yes! Lord Pendralion will increase your experience.

If you have any other more you would like to add about Lord Pendralion, please share. If there is any grammar mistakes, please forgive me, for english is not my native language.


How can Pendrolion help someone other than money?

influence or manipulation or mind control, leadership, charisma, charming others

influence or manipulation or mind control, leadership, charisma, charming others