Has anyone worked with this grand angel? What did you receive?

“Pendralion has complete knowledge and influence over the currents of material power, wealth and stately influence.”

If he has complete influence over the currents of wealth does this mean he can manifest a large sum of money? Obviously I don’t want to win the lottery. I think that is pathetic. I want to build my own empire. However, I need a large sum of money to start another business.


I did a Q & A with him as part of my old 5 Days, 5 Spirits post. I haven’t asked anything of him though, as I was after knowledge of the currents more than material results. I have also used him in my road opener ritual for someone to increase the flow of prosperity.


I’ve been reading DarkestKnight’s Q&A thread (by the way it was excellent and a great inspiration, thanks DK) and Pendralion states that he can make you win a lottery prize if you can bear the disruption it can bring to your life. I tried to ask him for that “pathetic” thing, and two days later won a very small prize, but it was a win anyway, so public thanks to Pendralion ! I hope a bigger one is on the way, I will keep you informed :wink:


Oh yes, i have worked with him. He used to be my former Patron, who help me a lot financially and to influence other people (like King Paimon). Please check out my recent post i shared about him, you will love it: How Does Lord Pendralion Work or What Are Some Ways Lord Pendralion Work?

And also you might like a quick Lord Pendralion money spell i shared in this link: Help Money spell - #8 by KINGSMAN76

One thing i can tell you, the spirit is like one cool friend, silent but listening therapist, loving mother, wise financial professor, strict father figure (if necessary) and like a quick wish granting genie. You might enjoy working with him, like i do.