How does Ishtar / Inanna appear or how do you test its her fully

Few questions here as I dont really call upon spirits as such as its not something I needed. But in terms of goddesses how quick do they usually come to you like Ishtar when calling or praying to her? Also how do you usually test deities to make sure it is them? When she comes, usually relatively quickly from calling her name several times a very bright golden white 8 pointed star appears with both top and bottom points more stretched out and looks like its layered like her star as soon on google only top and bottom is stretched more like you would think a star shining would look. She will also some times appear as a beautiful women, long dark hair, bronze glowing skin, jewels, naked mostly with a lion by her side or sat upon it and some times an owl on her shoulder. She speaks by putting words in the mind rather than a voice. Now usually the star stays in site all the time with a feeling of peace, power and love and kind of burns into the mind a bit. So if you ask her to draw her seal she will emphasize the star more or if not there at that time instantaneously show it. Now is this how she usually shows herself and what sort of tests do you do to make sure its her and nothing trying to make out to be her?

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Ask the entity to write its name astrally.

For some reason they can lie if you ask them to tell you their name, but they can’t write the wrong name astrally.

If it says that it’s Ishtar, but writes a different name, then it’s lying to you.

She writes her name ISHTAR within the mind as text while the large star burns brightly so as a sentence she writes her name. Wouldn’t say its astral as such as this is in view once you close your eyes and the scene appears like looking into a new place if thats astral I aint sure but she prefers to write her responses in the mind as visible sentences than a verbal noise. So it just is drawn out as a sentence saying ISHTAR.

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Can you scry?

If you can, then evoke her astrally, and when the spirit shows up, ask it to write it’s name astrally on the black mirror/scrying device you use.

It sounds like it’s really her, but never assume w/ a spirit/entity.

Sadly I cant no I call her forth as I have no clair any skill. The two people who then see her know nothing about her at all and both see the same stuff and feel the same feeling of peace, love, power etc. So they relay what she says as answers to my questions.

I just do not know if any trickster or impostor can mimic all her full form, feeling, seal at all and if they can then we are doomed on truly knowing who is who haha.