How does Azazel appear to you?

What does Azazel look, feel, and or smell like when you see him?


He looks like smoke around me, he hisses when people see him who aren’t meant to. He contacts me through mediums or possesses people when he needs to give me a message.

He knows what we are currently doing and what it means.

We also have had issues of me fighting part of my purpose and “this is all you ever wanted”


Similar to @Brand_New, except with blue eyes. I’ve seen him with shadow people accompanying him as well.

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A human with goat horns (sometimes what looks like feline ears), black claws on his hands and feet, ruby red irises with black sclera, tends to dress like the Jinn. What he smells like? I dont know I don’t sniff him him etherically or his physical self lol. As for what he feels like, depends, his elemental dark energy is unique to him and what he chooses to have it present. Usually surrounded by his legions of Jinn. (not demons)


I’ve pictured him as a dark paladin like figure. He’s adorned in red and black armor and wields a flaming obsidian blade. His face has goat like features.

Azazel to me embodies things like self defense, personal discipline, protecting others, and fighting against tyranny.

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Apparently like posh elderly gentleman with a cigar. Though I feel like he’s toying with me when it comes to that imagery.


Big monster with a big Horn
Powerfull not scary but like a majestic demonic King
yeah something that

lucifer form for is more scary like a dementor in harry potter

He who teach a people about war and making a weapon
He is war God

It depends. Usually he shows up to me as a Satyr, His most classic appearence.

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Azazel appeared with four wings to me.

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A horned dude with redish flesh that looks Freddy Krueger level burned. Sometimes his skin looks more like a bronzed tanish color. Amber eyes.

I suddenly find myself wondering at the significance of the ridged burned looking skin. Never thought about his appearance until now.

By your words, he could be showing you a glimpse of the torture and pain he underwent when imprisoned in Dudael.

He has healed since then and typically shows the man he became after his suffering. Perhaps he gave you a glimpse of his past for a reason. May I ask, was his right eye paler then the left when you saw him like this?

I’m not trying to poke too much, just not many people have seen him appear like that without reason.

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I honestly can’t say.

Usually it is shown to people who feel trapped in a particular situation or feel some form of hopelessness about things. It is symbolic in a sense that one can still grow and flourish even when they feel that they can’t.

I’m not trying to assume anything, just am expressing why it is usually shown to people. He feels for those who feel that way because he knows more then a lot of beings as to what that is like.


I’m not offended.

Based on what you said I wonder if it’s because I was abused as a child. Maybe he’s attempting to build some sort of connection. Being abused is basically being the innocent scapegoat for another’s emotional turmoil. Their problems are placed onto you to pay the price for.

Maybe Azazel is just showing his scars to remind me that mine don’t keep me down unless I let them 🤷


I created a door and tried, just now. I saw a sort of an angel statue, casting many shadows and deep fiery eyes. He called me “my brother” like 10 times in 2 minutes with a very deep voice. He left abruptly, for some reason.

That sounds very plausible to me. (:


I saw before he pulled me into astral projection a fire orange eye appear with black scaly skin


Then when we were talking he had a hoodie on and barely saw his face

I met Azazel recently in the past few months. I am psychically open enough, and he appeared to me as very strong, well-built male that is about 7 feet tall. He has golden bronze skin and blue-gray eyes. His hair is shoulder length and straight, and is also a golden blonde.

His voice is deep, when he talks to me outright, face to face. But when he talks to me inside my head telepathically, his voice is not as deep or powerful. But it is, all the same.

He wears a red floor length robe that has patterns and swirls on it, something royalty (which he is) and a god would wear.

He smells like the other wives and concubines he just had sex with recently, earlier that day. I am allowed to come close to him and gently snuffle his cheek. I make faces and look for a spot that smells like him and not like other females (I’m female and one of his wives.)

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