How does a pauper create positive change in the world?

Ive had plans to buy a warehouse and grow raw food, then distribute food to churches and schools as they have licenses to cook raw food.
I would start by one city in a state, then expand to all fifty states, then outlying states and islands, then countries friendly to us, until world hunger ceases to exist.

Yet someone or something wants to keep me poor and stressed out.

What to do. King Bael and Prince Orobas, what do you think?

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One word: intention.


Do you know anything about greenhouse growing or hydroponics?

As @Mulberry said…

Plus research into what it’ll take to succeed at it and practicing it in your place on a smaller scale before progressing to warehouse sized scale production. (And avoiding experimenting with illegal products at home :wink: unless you like to get raided that is).


Sounds like a good idea. Consider researching mergers and acquisition. The method of doing business is usually for profit but I’m sure it can be used for non-profit.

You also wanna research sales as well as venture capital (assuming you don’t have sufficient capital to out right buy a existing company) you’re gonna wanna fundraise money. Bime is especially good for raising money for a specific goal. You can check my recent journals but I just did a ritual for my friend using bime and it manifested quite well.


The School of Greatness with Lewis :star_struck:

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