How do you work with spirits?

I’m trying to understand how to work with spirits, demons, deities… didn’t have any success in the past. Do you simply ask them what you want? or you use your own energy to “tell them” what you want? … How do you know it’s going to happen? Could the demon or deity accept the work and for some reason it doesn’t manifest? or once the spirit accepts the work, that means it will do it according to your “agreement” with it?


You command an entity to do as you ask. You can never “know” for certain that what you want is going to happen, but you just assume it will, as you would if giving an order to a someone you supervise at work. You just go on with your duties assuming the employee will take care of it.

Yes, a demon, angel, or deity can agree to do something and for some reason it will not manifest. There are always obstacles to overcome, and a myriad of variables to move around, like in all magick, no matter the form. Using a spirit does not in any way guarantee results.

The spirit will accept your task and will fulfill it in their own way, not in yours. The more specific your “agreement”, as you put it, the less likely your chance of success. If you ask a demon to bring you money, do not specify where the money is to come form, but just make sure to put in a caveat that no harm is to come to you and yours, as insurance settlements are great for large sums of money due to losing a limb or paralysis.


Thank you for explaining how it’s done, really appreciated. But isn’t commanding a spirit is somehow disrespectful ? How you could command a God or Goddess?

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No, it is possible to commend respectfully, as you are God Made Flesh, and that is what is doing the commanding, not your fragile, human ego.

It only becomes disrespectful when your ego gets in the way, and you start acting like a tin pot dictator, with threats and ultimatums. That is disrespectful.


I agree ^

I believe you mean to ask in a affirmative way ? Not commanding. This is the only possible way that makes commanding, respectful. Yes I understand the God made flesh theory… but a God made flesh commanding a real God or Goddess? Nothing here about the ego. It’s about being aware of the reality you’re suggesting. A human - or God made flesh - commanding a God or Goddess ?

I understand commanding Demons, Angels, all types of spirits because you’re God made flesh, they should obey, that would make sense. But when you’re dealing with deities or real Gods… it’s not logical.

It is the exact same premise and completely logical. You are the Eternal, embodied, and all beings respect that, including so called gods and goddesses. If you can evoke it, you can command it, and you can evoke any god or goddess of your choosing, as explained in EA’s evocation course. They are no different than an angel or demon, just another powerful energy frequency.

i think you are confusing the fact that people have worshiped gods and goddesses with the ability to command them. Just because people worship these particular energy frequencies, doesn’t mean the same rules that apply to angels and demons don’t apply to them. This is not religion.

You are their equal. You would speak to them the way another god would, not as a whiny, sniveling, weak willed mortal. I know magicians who have gone to war against gods (and a demon or two) due to some disagreement or another, so I am not exactly the worshiping type, and I only give respect when it is given to me. When I call a god to my circle, I will command that god as an equal. It’s as simple as that. They are not special and do not have to be treated with kid gloves.


I just say what I’m looking for and remember my pleases and thank yous. That’s always worked for me. :man_shrugging:


You can offer something for their help also. Just make sure to follow through with what ever you promise if you go that route.


Always remember your P’s and Q’s, as they say. it’s good advice for life, not just dealing with gods and goddesses :+1:


I’ve found that approaching a deity or spirit with respect, openness, honor, certainty and some amount of emotion like passion or desperation will gain you the best results. Sometimes they will flat out tell you “no”. It’s usually for the best. But most of the time they will give you what you ask for, sometimes as a gift and other times with a consequence or sacrifice. It depends on how reasonable the request is, the personality of the spirit and the closeness of your relationship.

My strongest workings are usually the ones of strong emotions. The time I needed a healer. The time I truely wanted an answer from a spirit. The time where I was certain I will become a Draconian Mage. You need to desire before you can be. It is the same desire from which gods like Ra has done to think himself into being. It is the desire that can become. But you need to have unwavering certainty.


Read up on that specific spirit and treat it as you would a friendly-but respectful business transaction . Similar to the way you would in real life. With a few exceptions, I usually don’t ask for anything at first but it depends . Just my experience. Also dont go into it feeling like they don’t hear you - believe it because if you call them they hear you even if you don’t know how to hear them yet.


I think I understand now, It’s a strange concept to me… I have strong relationship with many deities and demons… always thought of them as friends and family. Brothers and sisters… Gods and Goddesses. Only had to be commanding few times in my life when I was dealing with them. When I did, miracles really happened. But I always felt bad about it. Like… I treated them in a way I shouldn’t be doing. I was angry on myself and tried my best not to do it again.

But at the same time, I wanted to have “working” relationship… not only personal guidance. That, I didn’t manage to have. Now I understand why. I never realized their nature. I misunderstood.

It still feels weird but I know it’s true. It makes all sense in the world. Explains many things I heard of and experienced with them.

Thank you,


I believe you describe a prayer ? That would work if done right I think, thank you

That didn’t work for me for some reason… I heard it works well for many people. The thing is, with this type of transaction deals, it’s too clear and straight-forward… nothing to practice or improve. It works or it doesn’t. If it doesn’t, there is nothing to go back and fix or try to figure out why. You make the deal and wait. Not my way of doing things but I tried that many times. Maybe it’s just not for me. not sure. Thanks

No, not a prayer. Praying implies sending a message to a deity that isn’t in the room with you. I just summon them and talk about what it is I want.

Yes I completely agree with you. This approach sounds perfect. But my weakness is that unwavering certainty… I’m not used to leaving things in others’ hands and hope for the best. Usually it doesn’t work and even if it does, there is no way to manage it. Fix it or learn from it. They just didn’t do it. So it kills any personal improvement of one’s ability to change anything. Probably this type of work needs very powerful relationship first, like you mentioned. That’s why it doesn’t work well if that relationship is not strong enough in the beginning. I heard a lot about this type of work and I believe it could produce great results, thank you.


Yes probably prayer is not the correct word but I think it’s the same concept… you talk to God and ask what you want and naturally requires summoning first… but after all is done, the main action is asking the deity or spirit for what you want then give thanks and wait

Thank you I wish I could learn how that works one day. Not the ritual but how to get results from it. I can’t see any variables that I can master or improve if things didn’t work as it should. Except maybe work with a different spirit or deity.

Another way to go about it is give an offering in exchange for knowledge or even just for conversation. It can be small… for example a glass of water that you may set out during the summoning. It doesn’t have to be huge. Treat it as you would any guest coming to your home. Would you offer a drink? Just a suggestion :blush: