How do you summon a spirit?


I was wondering how to summon a spirit I am aware that this can be dangerous and am interested in summoning a spirit that can answer questions and/or help when needed.

Thanks in Advance

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Depends first of all what kind of spirit, then through the search function you will find all the information you need.

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Kindly Introduce yourself to the forum.
You can create a thread for your introduction or post your introduction in the introduction thread.

After done that, you should search for your questions in the search bar by using the search icon :mag_right:

Hope you have a good time here!

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Here you go: Easy Spirit Summoning Technique

@Illumia The OP has already introduced herself back in January. It was her first and only post.

@TheOriginalWitch While the basic principles of summoning a spirit are the same, the methods for doing so depend on what system of magick you are practiceing.

For example, the method of evoking a spirit in the Golden Dawn system, is considerably different from the way it is done in demonolatry.

There are a million articles on this forum about that , use the search function

The account name is still in light font… Hmmm😎

The light font just means that she hasn’t made any effort to read posts, look around or do any of the tutorials. She literally made the one post and then disappeared for three months lol

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I get now… It seemed like introduction issues… Hahaha… "and then disappeared "

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