How do you resist an energy vampire attack that uses MBTI Fi as an attack vector?

My job is mostly physical. I move stuff around in a warehouse with my body. On Saturday I worked 13.5 hours and loaded 5 trailers.

It is equivalent to the Breath of Fire in Yoga. I already know that one. I don’t bother to wear long sleeves until it it is literally freezing ( 0C ).

The flow state is not necessarily the best state for me to maintain because I am not careful enough in that state.

As far as I can tell it is a permanent, compounded effect. You never loose it, you just slowly adapt to its benefits, like integration. I agree that breathing lies that all the time would be absurd, but just doing it at all actually changes your biology, permanently. I personally go for a walk/jog every few nights and try to weave it into my rest periods, my lung capacity and ability to resist mental tricks has skyrocketed.

I mean, ultimately, it depends on how close the people are in your life that keep causing the issues, sadly, at the end of it all, you might just need to move on.

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It seems the closer I get to people the more problematic they become on a general basis.

I have had the same issue mate, it can be rough. I think it’s all an internal/external balance thing, no matter what, eventually, things will progress towards something that doesn’t feel like a constant struggle.

I play a different role in life, I have no choice but to put myself in the line of fire, not even really because I want to, but because I have to. I hope, some day, things do get better so it doesn’t feel so abrasive, for myself and you as well.

Good luck, friend.

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Sounds like your job may be holding you back. Back-breaking physical labor for little pay isn’t a great time. I suggest the book 7 Occult Money Rituals for money magick. Or whatever method you prefer, just manifest yourself out of there.

This one isn’t holding me back as much as my last one which was duct taping and gluing at a Managed Service Provider for even less pay.

The problem is I don’t want to just manifest myself out of here because I don’t know the likelihood of going to somewhere worse and then not having the energy to manifest out of there.

The labor isn’t backbreaking if you stretch and follow safety protocols. I am a trainer there.

My goal is to have money coming to me and being detached from anything so I avoid non-strategic drama.

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Well if you do magick to manifest a better job or source of income then that’s what you should get.

Personally, I also suggest learning about investing. I do real estate for passive income and to build wealth.

I don’t trust should, how does it actually work?

I learned about investing. It is mere speculation. It also reminds me that learning about investing is how I get entangled with one of the most toxic people on the Internet. The windup process I need to keep their flying monkeys sidelined can get very expensive

I do exactly this when I don’t want to deal with anyone.

Very effective :ok_hand:

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Well I’ve been doing money magick of various sorts for some years now and I’ve always ended up in a better situation. There are ups and downs, but it’s all generally worked out pretty well.

A good investment strategy isn’t really speculating. If you want to try and pick stocks or trade, that’s speculating (probably, kind of). If you just look at the S&P500 or the real estate market, you’ll see that over time it has gone up. Sometimes it goes down, but thus far at least it’s always gone back up, every time. Some companies fail, but the overall economy has continued to grow.

I wouldn’t really call making decisions informed by historical data speculation. I mean you don’t 100% know exactly what’s going to happen in the future, but if you diversify across lots of companies historically speaking it tends to go well. If you’re really that afraid, you can only buy US government bonds. Those are guaranteed to pay you unless the government collapses. But I guess then that’s speculating that the US government won’t collapse. I speculate that my elevator won’t explode quite often. I guess I’m just an adrenaline junky.

I’m not trying to be a jerk, but you seem really negative and abrasive and like you think you know better than everyone else and everyone else should really be aware of that. I like to assert myself when I’m pretty confident I’m correct about something, but that’s because most of the time I’m extremely skeptical and questioning everything, especially my own opinions and supposed knowledge. Good ole Dunning-Kruger, back at it again. I like to think my ego isn’t so massive and fragile that I can recognize when I should shut the fuck up and listen and learn from someone. That’s usually what I do, and it’s worked out pretty reasonably so far.

If you have a problem with stalkers, you can probably get a restraining order. I suppose the pathetic will always try and bring down the successful though.

Investing and speculation means literally the same thing, one word seems to have a more derogatory connotation than the other.

I would speculate on the elevator exploding and buy insurance on it, those things aren’t cheap.

I am tired of being walked on. I am tired of being told how to feel. I am tired of pretending to buy into guarantees that happen to be total rip offs for me when I go along with it. Even if I don’t know better doesn’t mean I need to go out and do everything someones happens to shout at to me. That is a circus act. I don’t want to be a circus act.

I do too.

I have lots of follow up questions because I don’t understand how something is supposed to work. Somethings that no one can figure out how it works happens to not work at all, such as perpetual motion machines or solar road ways.

I never had a stalker.

One way that’s worked for me when you feel them in the room is to lock onto the spirit attempting to Vampirism you, since they’re trying to insert a tendril or syphon you its easy to make an instant connection with them without really knowing them and basically just reverse the situation. You begin to feed off of them and drain their energy. Just grab onto them with your will if you don’t know how to use tendrils and then start draining. Usually it surprises them to say the least because you appear to be asleep and unaware and then sometimes they’ll try to leave. Either way they usually avoid you for awhile after that.

Can you explain more about the second part?

How to take my energy back double? How do I do that?

With your intention to do so. You can use any image in your vision that works for you. It could be sucking through a straw, siphoning a garden hose, whatever works.

If you are interested in this I recommend reading up on so called “vampiric techniques”: forewarned is forearmed. When you see the imagery people use for this kind of activity, then sometimes you can also see it coming at you in that form, and then you know exactly what it is, and how to use the same ideas flipped in your favour.

“Know your enemy” :smiley:

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Right now, I pretty much feed energy from the environment continuously. I don’t get tired anymore, but I do have a problem. Sometimes I can get lapses of consciousness if my pressure internally gets too low. I mitigate this by staying hydrated, lustful and wrathful.

I’ll look it up. I have to say, i found this brilliant.
Kinda of a set up you do for flies. Show some sugary liquid and set them for dying drowning in it.

I kinda can take it anymore. They feed off of me constantly, even if I don’t respond. Of course always wrong. I don’t have one minute of peace.

No wonder I have problems with prosperity spells. My energy is very low and when I cast the spell doesn’t even come to me, only my brother and my father. I never see colour of the money. They even suck my spells energy for them. That and self worth issues
(I even made a post about it).

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Yes, speaking of which, you can also make it more involved. Some people place thoughtform “poison” in their blood or chakras. Fighting bane with bane, but in a feminine way that is insidious and hard to detect and counter. Kind of like how you put poison on dogs so fleas that bite them die.

Another technique is to create a decoy that they attack instead.

And then you can combine there to poison the decoy. It doesn’t have to be considered bait, it’s a defence when they choose to attack you, they get what you give them.

Another technique is to take that link and use it to send too much energy down the line, that’s too yang and drown them with rebellious qi. Sorta gives them indigestion, in a way.

I don’t recommend this unless you’re trying to kill them. They can recover from poison with healing (probably, it’s up to them), but rebellious qi is very dangerous and can physically stop someone’s heart, especially if they’re already sick with too much heat like, inflammation and diabetes or something, so it’s a bit heavy handed, and if you haven’t got much energy to start with might not be an option. I only do this if I am trying to magickally kill them, which is almost never. Something about just knowing you can takes away the desire to.

That what I was about to say. Anything I poison them with is gonna come to take away more time from myself, and I’ve already lost too much time with this people that only wanted to destroy me. It’s like you said, they’re black holes. I wanna rebuild my life, but they don’t stop bothering me always taking my time, manipulating until I do as they say and sucking the energy of my money spells for them, messing everything around.

The only smart thing to do is to get a nice job so I can move out (as I always planned, don’t even know how I got into this situation I am, I was so applied. I’m like a 10th of what I used to be)

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It’s basically an adaptation of the kind of ward described in this tutorial here:

Only, you make it look like you, like a wooden decoy duck looks like a duck. And you visualise that all unwanted attention towards you actually goes to this ward decoy instead. And you also intend that this is never noticed by the attackers.

I know what that’s like, but you will rebuild, and you’ll outlive them too.

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Oh, I was actually looking for something to make them 3 turn agaisnt each other. Because i idk who my father is defending, they used to fight all day long, he knows she’sa nightmare. Now the 3 turned against me.

But that’s a nice idea too.


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