How do you make a ward?

Lately, at work, theres been an increased number of customers. But oddly so. (For example, I live in Ohio. For some reason ALL of my customers were from West Virginia and made it so busy I couldnt walk away from my till. And even if I THOUGHT about turning to do part of my job somebody else came along.)

So is there a ward to make people go away? I obviously wont use it frequently. But if I dont get my work done I’ll get in trouble or fired.

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Can you light a candle where you are? You can simply charge a candle to keep certain people away or make them uncomfortable. Keep it lit by the door.

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I did not know that. Thank you.

I’m not sure if I can of course, being that I work at a fuel center. But that’s good to know for home use.

You could do the same with a carved or drawn symbol if a candle won’t work for your place of work.

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Tell your manager. You need a 2nd person not less customers.


Try some sigil magick.

@Lady_Eva has a tutorial on here. Use it and modify it to suit your needs

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Could somebody show a picture of a ward that I could draw in the building? Today, particularly, there’s an extreme amount of people I do not recognize and they all are coming here and acting pretty aggressively. I dont like the aura that anyone is giving off.

Currently, I’ve been working on regaining balance to my heart chakra (my chakra pendulum showed me it was imbalanced) so I’d rather not have so many negative energies from so many different sources come at me today.

Seriously though, I see many employers that would sacrifice customer flow to assure their employees are focusing specifically on one aspect of the job only. Crazy world we live in.

Not Kroger. At least not mine. They are not good at managing. And I cant afford anything that would cause me to lose my job. Or hours. I only make 280 a week and that’s what my family is currently living off of.

If I made a ward I’d make it in pencil so it could be erased before I go. It’s as I said previously. The customers today seem filled with dark energy and ill intent. I dont want to have 8 hours of that affecting me.

Especially because my house currently has company for the whole week, so I cant go and do anything to clear the energy without being bothered.

Dayum that is pennies, any other opportunities out there for you?

Unfortunately not currently. My roommate is trying to get a job at Sprint or Spectrum. But all jobs here are either places where you have to know technology or you work in a factory. Or you have to be a fitness trainer. Everything else is grocery stores. And this is me making $10 an hour without benefits. I’ve been trying to find side jobs online and stuff but nothing is coming up helpful yet.

In any case, I barely make anything a week but they make roughly $7,000 a day 7 days a week from the fuel center alone. Who knows how much they make inside the actual grocery store. So a lax in business isnt exactly going to hurt them. And they have many other Krogers around the US. So…

Oh and I cant work in a factory again. The last job I had in one they overworked us so hard my right hand became paralyzed. I had to go to a chiroprachter to get it to work again. And then they fired me a month later because I was sick 1 day and took away my insurance. So my hand is slowly paralyzing again without my chiroprachter’s help.

Have you tried fiverr for online gigs? You need more cash flow sounds like your on a life line right now.

We’re slowly getting back on our feet. And my friend owes me money so she gives me some of what she owes when I need it. She and I are hoping she’ll have the full amount to pay me back soon. And I’ve been praying to Bune for assistance.

Other than that I have an idea for a store to open on Etsy but I need to wait to have money to get my supplies. So it’s kind of a rough patch.

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Alright hang in there, I’ll ask Bune to bump it up for you

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I’d appreciate it. I’m still recovering from some help that was given to me on this site, getting rid of a dark entity that clung to me. So I have pretty weak energy right now. So any help is fantastic and appreciated.

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Where are you in Ohio? I’m in Dayton. And, I know what you mean.

You’re damm right about that. I work at the Hollywood Casino Racetrack as a barback for about $9 bucks an hour and that’s part-time! Also, the schedule changes every week!

It wasn’t the Caterpillar over in Clayton, right? I have some issues with them myself.

Here is a tutorial by @Lady_Eva about creating wards. I hope this helps:

Me too. And, Belial with King Paimon, Lord Lucifer, and Papa Legba. I’ll keep you in mind.

Stay positive and stay strong.


I live in wilmington. It was Ahresty that messed my hand up. It was very very bad for the health all around in there. Everyone should get $15 minimum wage when you’re over 18 years old. Thank you for the information. I appreciate it.

I think I got the ward made. I took 13 pennies (my lucky number) and on the tails side I drew pentagrams. Each one I made I recited my spell. After I finished I took a few breaths, cleared myself of negative feelings and sang the same spell 3 times. Adding a bit more at the end (dont want to share the spell. Mostly because I get embarrassed to share)

Then I placed 3 in front of the kiosk I work in, where they shouldnt be seen or disturbed. And where rain shouldnt bother them. And I put the rest at the fuel pumps. I slide them between the bottom of the pump and the concrete so they cant be seen or taken. And will be protected from the weather. When I finished I returned to the inside of the kiosk and sang the spell once more in a finalizing way.

At first it was still absurdly busy. But now it seems to be slowing down. I’m hoping that in an hour or so it will be pretty dead.

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