How do you know when you should help 'demons' and or 'spirits'?

How do you know who to help and when to help them?

There’s 2 ways to know.
The first is pay attention to what’s going on. The second is feel.
Though ultimately it comes down to choices after that nothing more.
Old lady drops her groceries, you help her? you simply pass by? etc…


I guess I will never know. My feelings have been scrambled since I was conscious.

??? Except helping the brothers and sisters of the coven, the family and best friends… Why in hell would you help anyone? :flushed:


I have nothing better to do, and or maybe they can help me with something. The only problem is I help people that use my help against me. I still have an old mess I still need to clean up from when I used to care about politics. I can’t really get help from psychotherapists because they milk the same perverse incentives as my mess, and the clean up process itself is supposed to change the calculations.

This is a vey interesting and important question. I’ve had experiences where helping people has turned out to my detriment, and now I only help people when it’s not too much trouble.

I think it is entirely possible to look forward into the future, and likewise, to send messages back to your present self from the future, working much more closely with your subconscious, aka higher self, to get information out of spacetime.

The difficulty is most of us in our present state have undeveloped psychic skills in this regard.
That leaves us without all the information, and then we simply don’t know, we make a best guess based on the info we have at the time, and face the risks that entails.

My approach from here is to work on gaining those skills, currently with my focus on controlled remote viewing. The better your communication with your subconscious gets, the faster and easier you can work with it to get this literally occult info to make better decisions.

In the meantime, there are things we do to work on that communication, using tarot/oracle and other divination, scrying, shamanic journeying, asking entities, remote viewing, lucid dreaming, dreamwalking - the more the merrier. Practice is what gets this done.


If we’re talking about helping entities, then it’s pretty simple for me - they let me know. If they want my help, it’s on them to let me know they want it. Some rando spirit isn’t likely to get help from me if they don’t come with one I already know. The exception to this is the dead that want to move on.

I have agreements with some Goetics where I’ve agreed to help them if it fits within my personal moral code. It has to be reasonable and can’t cause undue hardship to myself or my family. Sometimes, they call on me for this and I uphold my end of the agreement.


I agree with @anon39079500 if it’s time for me to assist and play my part the spirits will let me know.

I try to stay awake and aware of what’s going on around me and pay attention to the signs and cues I get.

Typically I find myself helping out people for Archangel Michael. Which I have no problem with given how many times he’s pulled my fat from the fire…


Some people are just natural helpers, and generally helping people is one you need to be careful with because most people (especially in this day and age) simply use and abuse.
Focus on yourself, most people do nothing but lie and deceive, it’s just how it is these days.
But they tend to show their colors, so don’t simply rush in, unless you’ve got a good overview.
(though even then, one can be fooled)
However it’s always good to remember, not to take kindness for weakness too.
Or take things for granted.

this haha, i guess for cool guy hero points


Well, in honesty, doesn’t matter how much you think you know someone best friends, family etc.
Sometimes we simply refuse to see things, because it just messes with the head too much.
They can also very well be, the worst people to help.
And when they’re the “snakes” (for lack of better terminology), they tend to have the masks on the tightest.
But if those masks fall off, and there’s no one left…generally, it’s the people who go on about not helping anyone, that start screaming for help, I should know…I was one of them.
I even wrote a poem about it once, that is burned into my memory.

Of all the horrible deeds,
Of all my nefarious actions,
Helping others, remains the worst of all things.

In short, can’t trust anyone…it’s that simple.