How do you know when hecate has heard you

I tried to contact hecate last night I made an altar and called all her her titles but I’m not sure if I felt anything in terms of energ change. I asked for a response in my dreams and got none .
How does hecate show up for you when you try?

I read someone who evoked(or whatever variant on this) king Paimon heard trumpets outside all of a sudden, it was a child blowing on it’s toy trumpet. See what ‘cues’ you associate with Hecate and see if they or synchronities that remind you of them appear to you… for example!

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Good idea ! Thank you

It has been said that if you call a spirits name 3 times, they will appear.

From what i know in our Greek tradition, Hecate is said that she doesn’t work with everyone… she definitely heard you but she is a goddess who chooses with who will work. So maybe the fact that you didnt feel anything and you didnt have a sign in your dreams means that she doesn’t ‘accept’ you
Or maybe it’s just not the right time yet…


from my experience, you know she accepted you when she comes near you and choke your neck gently. you know its her. I have seen a youtube video years back about a man in India that explained this and it has happened to me.

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Lol, I’d get a bit shirty about that one myself, that’s a boundary push that’s not ok with me. It didn’t happen to me so it probably depends on the dynamic between you.

For me she manifested out of ritual and the sense of presence came from the 4 to 5 O’clock position. I still remember where I was standing on the strongest impression. It’s powerful energy and she’s good at communicating.

However I don’t recall if I called her or she came through connected with the working’s of a friend of mine. who was heavily involved with her at the time. She wanted me to give him a message, which I … crap it was 4 years ago I forgot… I think I did one but refused more. I don’t want to be man in the middle knowing the dude was well equipped to hear her himself and already doing so, so that was super sketchy of her and I banished her after that.

You may see signs connected with her symbology, but mostly just pay attention to your energy and how you feel about these things. You will know. Trust your intuition.

Oh ok. That’s makes sense. I will find out what kinds of things can make me more attractive to her

Well I’m glad I didn’t feel choked because if I didn’t know to anticipate that I’d get really scared! :flushed:

Now that we are saying about Εκάτη i would like to say something that happened 10 months ago…
I had a dream of me being in front of a bronze statue that I knew it was hers,showing a woman with a moon :crescent_moon: above her head. I knew she came to me to give me a message but i didn’t realize what it was…
The next day i broke a tooth so much that i had to take it out and put an implant. Much costy and painful…
But days later i found out thst someone attacked me doing a hex on me and she had protected me of having just this small bad incident, as the smallest possible consequence of this hex. I knew who did that to me and why( he was a magician- teacher with who i had lessons about lhp and meditations with and he wanted to sleep with me but i had denied it)

Afterwards i texted him… hi Dimitris how are you? You have greetings from Hecate. Im sure he froze he had also a punishment from her and he never annoyed me again…
Hail Mother Hecate
Χαίρε Μητέρα Εκάτη…:black_heart: