How do you guys deal with atrocities in the world?

Greetings everyone,

Nowadays I feel very rageful and hopeless that there are so many atrocities happening to innocent beings in this world - namely children and animals. How do you guys deal with it??

I am curious, for example, WHY WON’T the so called ‘guardian spirits’ of children step in when they are violated or even killed?! Don’t spirits like St Michael want to step in and defend the weak? I know I might sound one sided and cynical but sometimes It’s REALLY hard to deal with these things on a regular basis.

In the area that I live, cats have been killed and injured by abusers over 3 years and not all have been caught. As of late, a cat’s legs have been broken and it’s partially paralysed. I know each man is his own god but won’t the spirits at least step in for some cases or do they not care at all for these innocent victims?

I am grateful for the help of the spirits over the years but I wonder often, “Why are you helping ME when you could be helping a child/animal whose about to be raped or killed? where are you during such events?!”

Perhaps some of you might think I am being overly emotional but I cannot deal with these things without feeling broken and cynical.


The child in the photo is Asifa Bano who was gang raped and killed. Un-Fucking-believable.

This photo is that of a cat found near the place I live (I didn’t take the photo).

I drink regularly to cope with all of this and sometimes think that suicide is a MUCH better option. I’ll be honest, I am typing this post after drinking 2 bottles of wine so if I sound incoherent, you understand why.

Maybe people who do that sort of thing are being influenced by spirits that are into that sort of thing?

Look at Bundy and Dahmer, who I believe were both influenced by these types of spirits.

I don’t know really.

Or maybe even Gods can’t catch EVERY single thing that is going on in the world.

That’s it. It’s not just happening. But who will welcome the truth?

And concerning guardian not stepping in, there are rules they follow and don’t reason like us. Some of this bad things are some people’s trials; some are been cursed etc alot is behind this atrocities.

You are not been overly emotional, Pazuzu, I don’t like what I’m seeing and too nor what my ears hear daily for they sweetened not my heart.

I have been involved in animal rescue and rehabilitation since I was a toddler helping my grandmother with feral cats. I have seen the ugliest sides of humans doing what I do. Truth is, I don’t much like 90% of the human race and I am working hard to gain enough power that I can prevent the atrocities I see every day.

It’s hard…truly hard to reconcile the good and the bad in this world. Just focus on making it better one step at a time.


I don’t understand. Are you saying that you know exactly what is going on inside of these people?


I couldn’t honestly tell you why this happens but you’re right, each person is their own god. WE can change it and do but unfortunately it’s a vast abyss to overcome. We can also work together here to make a difference.

If you have Spirits that help you, tell them you want them to help with this. Give them things that you want changed, protection for the animals and children in your area. Pick what to fight against. If you give generics it doesn’t work as well I’ve noticed.
I’ve done well in my area with Homelessness but it’s still hard because my City is pretty bad right now. I keep trying and do see results. Sometimes you have to start small or localized to make that difference but you can make that difference yourself. Don’t doubt yourself.

People think the way to make a difference is to go big but that’s not always the way to go. The “starving kids in china” line is bs, look at the starving kids in your neighborhood or state and work with that first.

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I see a lot of people typing at the same time as I am, so I will refrain from saying the stereotypical things, such as the cruelty of the world, the limits of justice, the nihilism of existence, et cetera. I have faith others will cover that quite nicely.

For a moment, I just want you to take a moment and look at the website. Directly at the URL, or at the top of the forum. Become a living god, is a motto for a left-hand path oriented organization of magical education, for the average individual in the twenty-first century, working to teach you to be a sorcerer, whether directly or indirectly.

And who was and is the sorcerer? It’s everyone. Magic is here to be wielded by everyone. By the homeless man, trying to conjure just enough food to get through the month. By the college student looking for an advantage during midterms. By the artist, stuck without vision. By the kings, and beggars, by the sorcerers and scientists. Above all else, however, the priest who’s seen too much of sin and too little of God, the activist that wants to change the world for the better, or the hero looking to save his environment.

In other words, you are here to wield power, first and foremost. It doesn’t matter what you do with it, but the first decree of power is that you must do something. Power is not there to stagnate, but to act. If you want a change, then make it happen, right here, and right now. Work towards it. Fail. Try again. Fail again. Repeat the process, until the next child molester gets caught, and put to justice. The next cat is freed and healed. Injustice is corrected, piece by piece.

I can understand the anger that this episode of Weltschmerz has caused, but I also need you to know that you aren’t here to bleed for the world’s pain, to pity anybody or anything, yourself included, or to be weakened by the tides. Anger is an emotion felt when we sense an obstacle, including a violation of our own views. As such, it is constructed, if you can direct it.

Act, with poise and power, and let your new vision of the world flourish.


Fuck this, bro, delete the photo. It’s hard to see it.


Hell ya.
You don’t like something you scream at the world and make it conform.

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That’s not a darknet cruelty forum or something (I saw that in person that those kind of things exist on darknet), don’t post that kind of things, even if you didn’t harm the cat.


Yes, the mystery that surrounds everything.

I avoid the media in any form usually.

Sorry for the photos and yea I realise I sounded abit like I was whining in the post, not to mention this was a post I created after drinking 2 bottles of wine…so yea I wasn’t exactly thinking straight.

What you guys said is true…I can either sit and complain why this, that or anything happens or I can do something about it.

Thanks guys for your understanding and I’ll take down the photos.

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How do I remove the photos? I can’t find the option

Maybe this is an unpopular opinion, but I just don’t care. Everyone has their own problems and have to deal with them to the best of their ability. Of course, if someone I care about is suffering, I would do something about it. But generally speaking. I don’t give a damn.

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I know its been a while since I posted this but what you said is fucking true.
Currently I am helping to lead a small organization in my area that distributes good food weekly and for a while my family helped to cook home cooked meals for about 8-9 families and me and my friend would walk around distributing the food despite the weather and it was great because instead of sitting on my ass and complaining I am doing something small.

Seeing these people who live in poor conditions smile when we give them the food is just incredible.

I have been doing devotion to hindu folk warrior gods and always ask them for assistance and blessings to support our cause and things have indeed changed - like people coming forward to donate diapers for the elderly, donating clothes, grocery vouchers and volunteers who are willing to help out.

This is a REALLY powerful post and I actually wrote it down on my phone to remind myself.

THANK YOU for this excellent, inspiring and life changing message - at least for me :wink:

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Just a few pictures of me and my buddies giving food to the needy

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Somebody said it early on in this post- there are rules. Go through history. You’ll see the pattern. I’ll say it’s got it at least something to do with making value judgements. Once that begins, where does it end?
Once the cat is saved, there’s a million people asking, “what about my son/daughter/whoever?” Where does it end? Pretty soon we’re back to the Catholic Church selling indulgences.

The other answer may have to do with the final destination. The spirits know what’s on the other side of the suffering, injustice, and atrocities. We don’t. IDK…

Let me rephrase that because there are people here that just may know what’s on the other side. I, however, do not.