How do you guys create your own grimoire?

Hi everyone! A quick question - are there any rules to creating my own grimoire? Does the grimoire itself have some magick power? Or is it “just” a book with my notes and experiences written down? Thank you for all the information

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I originally used S. Conolley’s method in The Book of Agares to create a book of Agares to give mine the ability to aid in manifestations.

After that I moved everything to an electronic journal.

There are no rules, you can enchant the book, channel energy from a deity or source, you can ask an entity to empower the words you write in it, you can use a book like Taylor Ellwood’s Magic of Writing to learn how to write things in a way that helps you manifest…

Name it and you can do it :slight_smile: it’s a personal thing, so the best thing you can do is make it what you want it to be.

It doesn’t have any power however, than the way you write the words and the intent you put into the words, unless you do something to it.


There’s no rules to creating your own, some make their own journal, some buy fancy ones and anoint it with their own fluids or with the energy of an entity or multiple entities.

Grimoires reflect the energy of the owner, they do not inherently have “magick power” but rather hold the energy of the writer/owner.

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I will add a tip I really liked from D.H.Thorne - leave a couple of pages at the front and number your pages, then you can make a table of contents as you go, super helpful for revisiting it later.

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I have to mention this.
Once I have “created” a spirit by its appaerance and task, very simple behavior and deed (protect me from harmful things).
I didn’t use any ritual, no formula, no enchanting words, nothing and nothing… just wrote down and fully immagined it.
I saw him in astral, a very scary creature (to intimidate others) but couldn’t feel any negativity.
A person who slept in the same room I was, saw him too in astral and told me he was perceiving a very scary energy and intentions coming from it.
We used to quarrel a lot, so I thought it was seen as “harmful”.
I haven’t seen him from years.
Just don’t know if I really create something or it was extremely casual

Sorry, I read “eggregore” and not “grimoire”

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For pathworking grimoires, I still follow his method of rituals from the front to back, experiences from the back to front.

I did curse my Shadownomicon grimoire as suggested in DH’s work and I consider it to be the only of my grimoires with inherent “power”, but not from the words in it. Just the working I did. Now, I only use that grimoire for shadow workings with tools I use almost exclusively for that and baneful workings, so I expect there is residue from that over time. Especially when I was hitting it heavy. I store them in a separate area, away from my regular ritual items, just to make sure I don’t cross-contaminate, since I don’t banish or cleanse my baneful tools.


Look into thoughtforms or servitors. It could have been either from the sounds of it. Egregores tend to take a lot more energy :wink:

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I’ll look at it, thanks

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Ahhh, and here I am, having several notebooks going on, with single sheets of different paper crammed into them :rofl: One day I will get that stuff in order. Or will I?