How do you feel about cursing people

who are doing harm to others as a method before calling them out, and potentially making yourself a target for retaliation?

Couple of old adages:
“If you want peace, prepare for war.”
“Bad things are allowed to happen when good men stand idle.”

Weight the pros and cons and make sure you will win.


Doesn’t bother me none, tbh.

I’m enacting my will, and in the grand scheme of things…I might just be the hand of source doing just that. :thinking:


Love this @Mulberry

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Absolutely :dart::100: @crookedpathfinder well said :sunglasses::metal:t2:

I haven’t ever had any issues with retaliation. I really don’t care about it being just at the time, because 99.9% of the time the person deserved it.


There are people who have the power, wealth, status, and connections to retaliate. And the more they have, the more likely they are to use them in such a way. I’m not just talking about some asshole. I’m talking about a person in power or a corporation. Or to the very least, someone who you can’t outright call out like a boss or professor.

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And how are they gonna know, unless you advertise it?

Are they even practitioners?

Wouldn’t they just laugh it off if they heard about it?

Magic and the occult are still pretty niche as it is.

Imo, what you’re doing here is creating a large feeling of opposition which will sabotage your work.

I’d just go ahead and do it.

I think the worst case scenario would be that it just glances off of the and you gotta put in additional work.

Thinking positively though, it just makes them a good sparring dummy to lob baneful works at…

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I would assume that the described person would not bother to go on a revenge spree for each and every single thing. From where I come we have a proverb: What should the oak tree care about every pig rubbing against it? If you keep a low profile while doing the cursework there won’t be a reason to fear retaliation; you’re just “another one”, after all. People with such status do not concern themselves too much with things or people outside of their status.


Pretty good, if you’d ask me.

If that’s what you meant, you should have been more specific in your question.

I stand by my answer, I’m not concerned about retaliation. I just don’t care. I really don’t. If I cared, I wouldn’t need to curse. I don’t throw curses at corporations or people in power, I never felt the need to do so.

Good for them. That means absolutely nothing to me. If I chose to curse someone who allegedly has the power, wealth, status or connections to retaliate, then I guess it will be a war of wills because I’m not afraid of them because they may be perceived to be more powerful or wealthy or whatever. I wouldn’t be afraid to fight, I may or may not win, but I wouldn’t ever be afraid to fight.


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A corporation, Naa dude, trust me, most corporations are so busy doing other things, that they will not even care… untill they start loosing money. But then they would have to focus even harder on fixing things.

That’s why customer service jobs are so abusive, because they want you to be the feed bag for negative energy.

However, if I was super ridiculously wronged by the corporation or entity? Well… Id bring the fuckin pain… and if they retaliated? Well… I think you better dig 2 graves motherfucker…

Also never underestimate anybody, always do your research. Shit… If I wait a couple of years idc, I’ll study the shit out of them with a magnifying glass, and I’ll do it like it’s my job.

Of course that is like worst case scenario. There is nothing so bad that I could wish death upon somebody, unless its a pedophile. Sometimes people you think are involved might not be, it could be something else entirely.

When I started magick I promised myself to never use it to curse anyone in fact my plan was to eventually help others using my powers until one day when I saw a person who caused me great deal of pain in the past having a great life , since then I lost all trust in humanity and justice, I will keep cursing him till I destroy him completely and I have no guilt and regret . I owe this to myself and my self respect!
On the other hand I’ve seen people use black magick to curse others based on pure jealousy , destroying relationships, business, and even causing death I feel it’s pure evil.


LOL yes, I often ponder this: Is this situation karma’s job, or am I karma, itself?

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I feel great knowing I have options beyond the mundane world. I’ve cursed without even performing a formal ritual; simply wishing the worst for a person has manifested. The ritual just adds more razzle dazzle until I feel justice is served.

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I take the stance that I am in some effect.

If I’m operating from my innate divinity, and enacting my will…

I am the hand of god™.

To quote Yato from Noragami [anime]:

Whatever a god does is right…

If I am to be a god of calamity, vengeance and misfortune to another…well, so be it.

If I decide to take that action then I gotta go all in. No returns. Might as well do it with zeal and relish.


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Totally agree. Thats the basis for me mission objective. That and I want to make sure that my foes never do to anyone else what theyve done to me.

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