How do you feel about calling demons w/o magickal circle?

A while ago I got so pissed about a persons constant painful psionic/astral attacks that I just wanted to throw demons at him and then I felt three circles of demons around me that I could pull in, so I pulled in two and felt my room get thick with their dark energies. Then I threw them at him ordered to attack him. (felt two circles was enough plus it was a risk in my mind as the inner one had high ranking ones in it, like the big names)

[This was the first time I worked w the dark side in 18 year and it felt SO GOOD. Like something that had been missing was coming back; like cracks in my body was filled in; like I became more colorful.
I did 7y of Dragon Rouge, got fucked by the dark side and switched. Joining the dark side again felt like coming down, because you are in such a high energy state constantly, working w the light side.]

Anyway, so my question is what are your thoughts on calling demons to you without a magickal circle? Safety wise.

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I always did it without a circle, everything went fine for now


I never used a circle & haven’t had any issues.


My earliest evocations were done basically ad hoc with maybe an LBRP beforehand if I remembered. I switched to using the DoM rituals which do involve something of a “circle” as well as the calling of angelic entities to oversee the work. Following that I’d even say I had a harder time connecting with certain entities I’d previously established contact with after I switched to the more formal ritual. A circle is not necessary as such, but it can be a great way to cement your intentions and ground yourself in preparation for the work.

Safety is not on my mind at all because I simply don’t feel threatened by the entities I invite in. Awed, yes; respectful, yes; but never frightened or threatened. Remember being a little kid and being afraid to hang your leg out over the side of the bed in case a demon might grab it? Nowadays I would gladly welcome that to happen. :laughing:

In my mind it’s largely a matter of your own outlook. If you feel threatened or in danger you are inadvertently tuning your mind to this frequency. In this case you should perform some banishing and protection rituals to re-centre yourself.


Never used it when I worked with them. Now I don’t use it when I work with my current deities.

Use protection and clearings though.


I don’t use any protection, Duchess Bune is my protector.


See I had big problems with what appeared as a demon before. It always put an aggressive edge to situations causing fights and put dark thoughts in my mind. At least I thought it was a demon as it looked that way when I saw it from behind as it walked away from me when I became too light, but it could also have been a controller perhaps. Tall grey… Mostly it hid behind a mother of pearl looking screen otherwise.

Have also been surrounded by demons spewing darkness onto me in order to dilute my light so it would be easier for them to take my energy. Isis got me out of that one.

That is why my hesitation.

Hail Duchess Bune

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Of course, I can only express myself personally. I don’t know which demons you came in contact with, nor do I know the Karlsson organization (is that the Dragon Rouge you allude to?) Of which I have three books. If I understand correctly, attribute part of the current situation to the 7 years spent in that organization. Can I ask you if you want to talk about this experience? Maybe you could provide us with further elements useful to understand what you are experiencing and then try to help you.
Whatever your decision, I wish you to get out of it as soon as possible.

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Circles and other such constraints offend some entities. I’ve never used them.


I’ve evoked demons with circles, and I’ve evoked demons without circles. In my experience, evoking with a circle is just all around better, at least for me. It helps to separate the magical from the mundane, builds and concentrates energy, and defines the space where I am God.

I disagree that circles are offensive to the demon because that doesn’t fit my experience of them, but it might also be dependent upon the type of circle that is used. A circle enforced with Divine names, for example, could be seen like greeting a guest at sword point, while a simple circle drawn in blazing energy, as is taught in the book Works of Darkness by EA Koetting, most likely would not be seen in the same way, and an elemental circle corresponding to the main element of the demon can even enhance the evocation.


Yes, it is that DR I allude to. I dont think the things that came through my qliphothic portals were connected to DR though. And they are long gone now. But it is because of them that I posed my question. It does however feel just great to just pull them in unprotected now. My body actually feels like when the cylons mended Battlestar Galactica with their black goo.

I have actually just brought down my old qliphothic books from the attic and their energy is so different from Petrucellys. Their energies are sooty and pressing on my lungs whereas Petrucellys are happy and colorful.
One of the books I brought down is M Ford´s Luciferian witchcraft. A very good book but those energies… The picture of one of the adepts (looked like Darth Maul) streamed out black energy from the whole picture. Got sick a whole week when I had the book open on that page. Am also quite sure I came into contact with some of the people/beings he talks about (Yat… dont even want to say it) and they put a frequency over my head that blocks me majorly ever since. Can hardly visualize my own chakras since, have to visualize them from the outside. I mentioned this to a super medial healer I know and she advertently brought them in and three of them attacked her hard immediately.

At the time I was actually shown book covers that I then found and bought and what they had in common was they were very luciferian. Putting the sootiest ones back and immersing myself in the others.

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“DoM rituals”?

I wish I would have used them when I first started.

I actually felt the energy clearly lighten in my room after I put the “sootiest” books away.

The rituals in Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield.

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In Italy they are translating the books of M. Ford. They explain how those who fear the entities described in their books should avoid … even just reading them! What you write to me explains many things, together with an increase in the humoral instability of some people who recognize themselves in that philosophy. M. Ford preaches the discipline etc and probably some manage to give it and obey it, but the more I believe create more problems than those that they proposed to solve by approaching certain readings and practices.

I LOVED Luciferian witchcraft by Ford and just thrived in partaking of all that knowledge, but what you think about you attract (thinking about the Yat…) Some beings energies are not just sooty, but rather black like tar, and not every being is cute and has your best interest in mind, hence my question of experiences of others. For now I am just pulling in hordes of demons nakedly, following my intuition.

BTW, thanks everyone for all the great insightful answers! I really like this forums - so packed with knowledge and real life experiences. :clap: :heart: :heart: :heart:

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I’ve read multiple books E.A, Michael Ford and others and the circle is only for concentration of the magician not containing the entities. Theres really no containing the magical entities you call forth. Rule of thumb if you dont know if you should contact the entity or feel threatened to call them forward. DONT. Fear is an insult to the dark forces most time they take advantage of fearful summoners and fuck with them.

I follow the Winterfield Method for high ritual

Most the time it’s just a precaution in case you clash with them though for some reason.
Like wearing safety gear. Usually don’t need it a lot of the time but if you ever really do you’ll be damn glad you had it