How do you deal with Cowardice?

As the title implies, one of my own blockages, I’m afraid, is cowardice. Makes me struggle to walk into the dark or call upon my darker myself, I’m afraid it makes me timid which prevents me for advancing further along my path. I’m not quite sure what I’m afraid of, maybe that I will call upon the exact powers I wish to converge with. It is kind of embarrassing but i figured if anyone can understand it will be those on here. It is not an ignorant fear either, but pure panic.
Thank you in advance



love yourself and stand up to everything with the power you own, because power is what you already have. your cowardice can be eradicated in seconds.


Find something that cancels out the fear and use it as fuel. Anger is a good one. I was respected at my infantry unit because I pushed further than many peers and even some leaders. I did that through anger, pushing me to never stop or stay down until I got my hands on the target. Had a reputation for it, even had a nickname.

You’d be surprised what even weak looking people will do when backed into a corner. I’ve seen anger turn short little nerdy guys into someone people feared. And big dudes with muscles get busted like a bitch. (by those small guys) Everybody’s got a trigger.


Fear is nothing but your mind trying to protect you through an instinctual emotional reaction. We’ve all been taught that fear is a negative thing, but it’s not, and resisting it never works. Instead, learn to embrace it. Thank it for doing its job and keeping you safe.

Growth and fear are always linked because the animal shell we inhabit does’t like change. Change is too uncomfortable, and scary. However, as the old saying goes, courage isn’t an absence of fear, but simply the choice to move forward despite it. So understand that it is perfectly natural to be afraid of stepping into the unknown, but also remember that, as a conscious being, you always have the power to decide to take that step regardless.

All of life is a choice. You simply choose, and then act from that choice, accepting what comes from it.


I am well acquainted with fear. I have learned that there is one thing I fear more than anything else: to die full of regret of things I was too afraid to do. So, in moments of fear, I ask myself which weighs heavier on my mind: the momentary thing in the present that may or may not be as bad as my mind makes it out to be or the possiblity of it resting on my mind as my life slips away. While it is hard to keep the something that seems so far away in mind, death is the only certainty that the living have to expect.

I rather face what I am afraid of now and move forward with life than to face the music in the future.


We all feel the fear. You have to act anyway.


It’s not embarassing to be afraid. I’m a grown adult and sometimes I still fear sleeping in the dark.

Fear is the emotion that keeps us alive, to warn us of danger of the unknown which could spell disaster. In small doses its good for keeping you alert and cautious, but in large doses it becomes overwhelming and makes you cower in one place, stuck and unable to move forward.

Maybe it depends on what drives the fear, that will help you confront it. The source of it and what’s causing the panic, and why do you feel that way. Is it a fear of failure? Fear of loss of control? Fear of uncertainty that you do not know what will happen and dread that it will end terribly for you? Reflecting on the reason for it might help, but at the same time, it could just be something that doesn’t have much depth to it (like a fear of heights).

Courage to overcome cowardice is not without fear. It’s rising up in spite of it, and in a way I think, believing or desperately wanting to move forward. Not wanting to be chained down by overwhelming emotions that keep you stuck.

Sometimes it can also help to ease in to something. If you fear heights, it wouldn’t help someone to dangle them over a cliff, but slowly have them adjust to it. It can help show you that “see, nothing to worry about”.


That fear could be the fear of the unknown and the many possibilities that come with it. It doesn’t make you a coward imo as stepping into your path can be intimidating. You’re cautious which is good

The darker part of you is the shadow. Jordan Peterson speaks about this on YouTube and I recommend you watch it.

Sometimes you got to take a deep breath and start walking. Baby steps but they’ll take you somewhere.

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Invoke the cosmic jesters and have them humiliate you until you grow out of that habit of cowardice. Cosmic jesters; they’re the same things people often see in DMT or Salvia trips. They like to poke fun at people. If you invoke them, they can comb through your subconscious and find the things that don’t match up into what’s “real” by finding all the biases and beliefs you have that don’t serve you. Cowardice for instance, I can totally imagine one of them laughing their ass off, pointing at your face, saying “Look at this twat, he thinks he’s safer because he’s sitting still instead of moving through evolution! What a fucking nerd!”. They do this until you learn and realize the absurdity of whatever your position is, and guess what, the real jesters can laugh at anything. There’s a reason they have their own current; it’s based in their own unique powers of being jesters. The Jester God stands atop the world, laughing at all those who live inside it, and walks backwards to move forwards just as a clown walks atop a rubber ball.

You can call to the Jesters under Lucifer I think, if i remember correctly he does have jester aspects. I know Osiris does as well. Or, you can just find a group of jesters directly. But, I’d image you’d be too scared to do that yourself :wink:

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It is most definitely irrational panic in the moment, for example; if I desire for my 3rd eye to be more open or to have my clairaudience become clearer, and I start seeing vision or hearing voices as I fall asleep, I feel pure fight or flight panic that usually ends with me pulling up all my protections so I can feel peace of mind when I’m at my most vulnerable. I’m disappointed with myself every time I do it because I don’t know how many times I’ve shut out visions that were supposed to help me. But if I try to power through and keep myself vulnerable so I can see and hear these things I asked to see and hear, paranoia sets in and I’m convinced the spirits that are in my presence are trying to hurt me or feed off me. This is the kind of cowardice I’m trying to move past. I want to ascend, I want to develop and evolve. But at the last moment I either shut myself off and put up my barriers or I’m too paranoid to see things for how they really are.

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Well… You’re supposed to have shields up as you sleep. Since, you’re right, that is usually the most vulnerable state to be in for most people. So, there’s absolutely no shame in doing the shielding there, but you’re conflating shielding with sealing yourself off to the rest of everything. Just because you’re receiving information doesn’t mean you have left yourself open for attack. But, I understand the paranoia thing. That was an issue I had for quite a while, albeit due to constant waves of attacks before I actually knew how to perform war magic.

Not sure what caused or is causing your paranoia, but I stand by my advice with the Jesters. Another really great one though, is the dragonfly totem. Invoke a dragonfly totem, and command it to remove all the seeds inside you which are causing fear. Have the dragonflies scour ALL of your bodies, physical to spiritual, and remove all the seeds you don’t want. Then, immediately after, invoke the dragonfly totem again, and have them plant seeds into you which cause invigorating courage. Basically, you’ll be having your dragonfly totems scooping out whatever data is inside you that is causing unnecessary fear and then impregnate you with courage, using your own, new, healthy seeds.

This is exactly how male dragonflies go about mating here in the physical. They actually do remove the seed of other males, in order to impregnate females. Not to mention they’re fiercely territorial. There really isn’t a better creature to utilize when it comes to eradicating toxic seeds in order to replace them.

The Fire Orisha Shango, is literally built for courage. It’s kinda his thing. That’s another great energy to be around if you’re looking for a “boost” to get you through it.


Do you know how to vibrate words of power?

If so, these spirits/gods are connected with Mars, which grants courage, might, and confidence among other things: Eloheem Gibbor, Abir, Elha Gibbor, Magen Avraham, Kamaiel, Dynamis, Zamael, Graphiel, Ares, Ninurta, Agni, Heru-Behutet, Gahdel, Phalegh( pronounced Faylay), Serapheem, Dahjin, Mahasheah, Laylahel, ielahiah, Maincall, Zedeck, Yod.

A great way to absorb their powers and essences is to invoke their energies by vibrating each of the names(or any of these that you feel comfortable with) and as you do, feel your own energy body vibrate instead of it being outside of you.

This will invoke their energies and qualities into your aura/astral body.

I do this first mentally, then in a whisper, and finally out loud.

Then just sit with these energies as you close your eyes and imagine that you have these powers already.

Imagine if you can, hearing those voices/sensing presences trying to mess w/ you, and you using your authority and might to get them to stop harrassing you as you go about evolving yourself to the highest levels you wish.

See and feel yourself being unphased by anything you may see or hear in your imagination.

After invoking these powers you can also make a statement like, “In the name of my true power and connection w/ the creator, grant me strength, courage, and the might of 10 men!”

“Destroy all that bars my path and waste all those who would do me and mine harm!”

"Let my words thunder, and my eyes flash as lightning. “So let it be done!”


I’ll focus the light on me since I’ve managed my own cowardice ordinarily and still am doing A-OK. Try not to feel like you battle with things like this without anyone else struggling with it. You don’t. It’s taken me many years to go out there and face what fears me. Get out of the comfort zone is your biggest start.

I’m somewhat eccentric. The things that alarms others don’t terrify me, yet the things that alarm others never truly terrified me.

For instance, me looming over a skyscraper to clean windows cracked numerous individuals out and they asked how is it possible that you would even do that, well I suppose that is the reason that work is a niche specialty and extraordinary paying. Strolling into the woodland alone around evening time and leaving around midnight, individuals say, “are you nuts?!”, no I simply discover my tranquility in there, at that time rather…

So when I was 17, I was terrified of driving. I was unable to understand how individuals weren’t frightened of the road! So it took me an additional couple of years to conquer this and really get my permit. Now I love the road, and driving is something that I do daily without fear but rather confidence with caution.

I was sent to take boxing many years back for my anger and drug problems… Who was I going to fight? Is everybody going to pass judgment on me on my ability level? Will individuals like me there? Those inquiries all flushed out and boxing appeared to be one apparatus that worked for me at its real best rather.

Being a hard worker is one approach to grab hold of your confidence. Not just that, it strengths your esteem. Go get what you want.

In case you are very much regarded to your worth and bravery, with respect to fear, there ought to be less of dread. Fear is a structure in the mind, something that transmits all alone at whatever point the body recognizes threats. Now and again it’s truly about biting the bullet and facing important challenges and realizing what you’re able to do.


Don’t be a slave of your mind. Step into the abyss and find a new world full of possibilities
you will not die and got nothing to lose. That’s for sure.

Here’s what I’ve been told:
if you give in to the thing that you fear, you confirm your mind’s feeling that the thing you were trying to do is dangerous, which reinforces the fear. As if your mind was saying, “Don’t do it! It is dangerous!” then you freak out, quit, and then feel calm again. You mind says, “See! I protected you.” (This is how my psychologist described it.) To treat this, you are supposed to do the thing you are afraid of. (I think it is called “exposure therapy”.) In your case, perhaps it would make sense to ask an entity that you trust to help you out, or maybe create a servitor to help. Then, do something small and more simple than what you are currently doing. The setting is safe, so you don’t need to worry or be paranoid. Do that a few times, until you feel confident. Then, do a bit more. Some people can just push past their anxiety, and some people need to slowly working through it. Maybe you are one of the people who needs to go more slowly.

Invoke Raum , or one of the warrior goetic spirits. Or, Michael, or any of the warrior angels. Invoke them into your for 48 hours to 72 hours, and see how things have shifted within and without.

Yeah man I’ve seen that same shit too.

You’re infantry right. My son’s serving in Korea and he’s infantry also. You guys rock bro!

Anyway someone smart once said anger is better than fear, you get a lot more done when you’re pissed off than afraid.

Btw it’s always funny to see the big muscle bound dude get his ass kicked by somebody that was just wasn’t taking anymore of thier shit lol.

Yeah the small ones were often the more aggressive ones. They needed to be cause of their size. lol Not respecting somebody cause of their looks is stupid. But too many civilian guys think like that. You never know who somebody is.

I was 11B infantry. (1 1/2 years ago) Position was grenadier so my job was explosive munitions. (rockets, grenades, big guns, etc.) I’d rather not say my unit but I’ve worked with NCOs who were from Korea. They were chill guys but when shit needed force in the field, they got shit done. Respect to 2nd and 3rd brigade INF.

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