How do you control your dreams?

Hello guys!

I’m actually curious if people around here have problems taking control of their dreams and actions? My dreams are becoming more vivid but I can’t seem to control it or remember calling out my guides to speak with. I’ve been asking myself to call on my guides and ask myself if I’m dreaming so I can trigger a lucid dream that I can control. Now every night I don’t want to sleep because I get very odd and unpleasant dreams. And it doesn’t go my way.

Does anyone have the same issues?


I’ve had similar issues as a teen. I read a few books on dream yoga, and also made a dream catcher… the catcher worked. Lucid dreaming isn’t my strong point, but when I use affirmations it seems to get me aware of my dreams… still have a hard time completely controlling it… only when I did meditation like a monk I was able to completely control them.

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To control your dreams you just control them. :rofl:


some have an easy time doing it and others have to work for it.

meditation+dream journal+reality checks are some good tools for it, but there is no easy or 100% way, it depends on you

hmm you could see the bad dreams as a test you have to overcome, if it’s a specific fear, try to fight it
I had a period with very vivid nightmares and sleep paralysis, but that made me not fear it in the end since I became used to it, and I stopped having them after that.


But seriously this is all you really need

For me it all happened with a nightmare. When I was really little I had a nightmare. It was really demonic. Which actually looking back I find that really interesting. They wanted me to do something that I knew if I did, it wouldn’t end well for me. It was so strange because in that moment I began to become fully aware of not only my fear within the dream, but also the fear I had while watching, and once I became aware of my emotions and how I was feeling within and without that state it’s like something inside my brain literally clicked and I switched view points from watching to experiencing. And I was able to control my actions and somehow that turned the two demonic creatures into dust.
I’m not exactly sure what the key is there. But since then I have been able to control my dreams. Perhaps it’s being aware that you are dreaming and observing both how you feel within and without the dream.

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I can dreamwalk but unless I try I can’t control my dreams. I typically don’t try to do it (dreamwalk) because I’ll pop in random people’s dreams for the next few nights and I can assure you it’s not pleasant.

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For me it just kinda happens randomly, like there’s a cartoon lightbulb over my head that turns on when I realize I’m dreaming.

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I feel no need at all to control my dreams. In fact I feel the opposite. I want to be free in my dreams. If I tried to control my dreams, I would try to send myself messages I already knew what, at least parts of, were about. What would be the point of that? I think letting go of some control is an aspect of magick that can be overlooked sometimes.

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Thank you guys for your responses(:

This may give some insights.

You can use it as a spring board to astral project to go to spirits realms to learn from them where the communication is much easier and experiences much more profound than regular evocation, you can visit the akashic records to find any type of information you want, you can learn under a master of any subject, you can learn waaaay faster and bring the skills into the physical world because of the time manipulation, you can use it to program your body to repair itself and look how you want in time, you can use it to perform very powerful magick in that realm, etc,. You are leaving a tremendous amount of possibilities and power out as a mage if you aren’t using this if you can IMO.