How do other people feel about this?

from the book the unholy bible by rev cain of the Wright circle


does that mean we should banish ?

It means we shouldn’t banish demonic presences because we are their partners in crime of course this excludes the closing ceremonies that asks the presences to depart but forcing them to leave


thanks for the quick response.

The reason I ask is alot of people on here really rely on banishing spells, I personally dont really feel like I need them aligned with lhp I feel like demons are my allies and I would never disrespect them as they would me this isnt critical of clearing energy after a ritual but the forceful removal of a spirit as I dont fear them


tbh i heard people say use lbrp but i don’t like it because it uses angelic names and i am not a believer. I am devoted to be my own god and have Lucifer whom i just started a relation with (unfortunately still i can’t see him or hear him :frowning:) what i do, i use the Copal incense to cleanse my tools and myself and the room i will evoke in and after i am done… to have a normal energy in the room since its my living room. However, i have never used a circle because i only summoned Lucifer which i trust that if am respectful to him i will never be harmed and also i have a huge urge deep down to trust him fully. to give u a bit insight on how i cleanse and i am not sure if thats kinda banishing:

while the incense is burning i say: With this smoke I i cleanse [Object: ex my tools or temple] from all negative and harmful energy. So that it may be used for my highest good and to achieve my purpose.

do u think this is just cleansing or does it fall under banishing?

@Lady_Eva @c.kendall @aprentiz @darkestknight @princessofdarkness any insights from u as well would be appreciated.

What does that mean? :thinking:

After my ritual is done, I only tell the energies or spirits that I did NOT call to leave peacefully.
The spirit I called is free to chill on the couch if they want.

i mean to me i only have evoked lucifer, and he doesn’t like to be dismissed. so i with him i say you may stay or depart, so be it.

Also, when i cleanse sometimes i change my wording to with this smoke i banish all spirits, entities, and beings except for father lucifer whose welcome to come at anytime. some people might laugh at me but i believe in the power of mind and manifestation. through my believe i know i am truly banishing but it does not hurt if i asked for someone else’s opinion, which is the reason i wrote all this.

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Check this out:


That excerpt the OP posted is a religious text. Claiming “banishing and exorcism is for those who lack faith and are weak” is religious nonsense. It’s dogma, plain and simple.

In religion, it is seen as bad form to banish that which you worship. That’s why in traditional grimoire magick, the magician banishes demons, but not angels, and why in demonolatry evocation is considered offensive because it is seen as summoning by force, and you don’t do that when you supplicate yourself to something.

@Fallen_Human I’m not sure your Copal incense will banish anything, or really cleanse it. It’s use is mainly as a manifestation base for the physical evocation of spirits. In my opinion, you would be better off expanding your own energy field to clear your area, or using the banishing incantation from Kingdoms of Flame.

Banishing is used for clearing an area, and setting up a boundary in ceremonial magick. It is basic spiritual hygiene. If you are using a common area for your magick, a banishing after your ritual would be best because any lingering energy can negatively affect the other people who use the space.

For example, in Works of Darkness, EA Koetting describes how he enjoyed the dark energy in his bedroom after a ritual, but how the buildup caused his girlfriend to suffocate in the night.

The number of banishing rituals available is impressive, including ones that call upon demonic forces to clear the area, so if the LBRP isn’t your ballywick, find something else that is.

Also consider that at least one member here was told by Lucifer himself to use a banishing ritual daily to keep things clear so I personally don’t think the spirits get offended by it at all.


thanks for ur response. bookmarked. also can u provide me with the banishing incantation from Kingdoms of Flame.

Ashtu malku ta dat arkata Sastus seckz altamu partu
Iretempal krez ta felta Vaskalla regent met senturus
Ta sastrus estos melta Kelta, kelta, ketla hine.

Repeat it at least three times, pushing your will out with every word. It will clear the area of any lingering energies. It’s good against demonic and angelic forces, since Kingdoms of Flame calls upon both.

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99% of the I don’t banish after ritual. I normally only do once something becomes problematic.

i love you, you been helping me since the day i joined the forum. Thank you for your efforts and time, i just wanted to appreciate you. Also, if u have a video so i hear the pronunciation i would appreciate it.


I appreciate the kind words, but I do not have a video on how to pronounce the incantation. I just pronounce it the way it is spelled.


I believe if we call upon a specific spirit and they do us no harm - then why plan on banishing them before asking them to peacefully depart? Im curious myself but that’s just my take on this.

Just banish the uninvited ones if they are being dirty or if something suddenly doesn’t feel right. Also, there are variations of banishing rituals and doesn’t necessarily have to be angelic if someone doesn’t want to use that approach. I’m looking into those other variations and see how much they differ.

The problem is, a lot of beginners get themselves into trouble with religious crap like the author of that excerpt the OP posted peddles. Stupidity like that makes them think that all demons are cute and fuzzy and won’t hurt them or destroy their life, so long as they have “faith” and aren’t “afraid,” but anyone who has been in the occult long enough knows that there are things out there that will tear you to pieces if given half the chance, and you damn well better be able to defend yourself 'cause your “faith” and having “no fear” of your demon brethren ain’t gonna save your ass when the shit hits the fan.

If faith and being unafraid won’t protect Christians from a spiritual attack, why do religious Satanists think it will protect them? it’s ridiculous.


Good point, every word. It’s exactly why I’m placing strict measures in place before even thinking of my first evocation. Occultism isn’t anything to take lightly whatsoever.

It’s all well and good to think of demons as friends, partners and comrades, but the 72 of the Goetia, and Azazel, Lucifer and Satan, are far from the only demons in existence, nor do they share the same goals and agendas as other more, shall we say, malicious, beings.

There are things in this multiverse that even supposedly “primordial” gods would be hard pressed to stand up to, things that more aptly fit the meaning of the word “demon” than those usually called by that name, so it is always prudent to carry a sword and shield (though, to be honest, if you were unlucky enough to catch the attention of such a being, banishing probably wouldn’t save you as I don’t think demonic kings or archangels would last long against it). However, it is always better to go down fighting than not.


Suddenly caught my attention. I wonder now why EA uses a sword. I’ll find out more in depth soon.

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