How do other people feel about this?

I’m not religious and never have been. I’ll stand against angels, demons, Satan, Lucifer, God, the armies of Heaven, or the Abyss itself, if I’m fucked with long enough. While I envy those who can bend their knees in devotion, and receive the power such an act brings (and devotion does bring power; see the last chapter of Works of Darkness) I’ve never been able to surrender myself like that. Sometimes, I really wish I could.

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Care to open this can of worms a bit more? :grin:

I read this long lengthy thread and I agree with most of it. If you read the entire book it puts forth some interesting concepts that fact that once you open yourself to these entities the door will never be able to be closed. I dont think they are referring to cleansing your workspace of energy but rather the entities that come into your workspace/life. I’ve been practicing for awhile now while uninvited guest have entered my room as soon as I notice them if I remind them I’m protected by Satan himself they are very nice. It’s the Angel’s I have a problem with always barging in and fucking with me so much I had to seal my room from any entity that is not a personal guest of Satan or myself. But that may be due to an ongoing issue I have with archangel michael. The attacks stopped since. I agree you should always invest in protection for yourself but I am not always quick to use it. I also agree that you should never be arrogant enough to think you are above being able to be fucked with since the protection. Although I have extreme respect for all demons and I haven’t encountered a demon who wished to do me harm that didnt respect the authority given to me by Satan. There may be that day so I stay prepared.

I agree with this. Fear is a weakness. I welcome all to my abode, with the shared knowledge that I will destroy and rend anything that seeks to cause me harm of any manner. I literally never banish unless something is annoying me, and I dont feel it is worth to destroy, or I am too lazy to do so at the moment.

And yes being fearless and saying “fuck you” to whatever comes into your path really does win you friends and allies… at least as often as it spurs the opposite. Respect is key here.

As for cleaning, I also dont do that. I trend towards being the brightest light possible… defense through offense. Burn everything in your path.

This… except with darkness