How do I vampirize somebody’s energy?

I have seen sooo many things on vampirism on the forum but have yet to find a written tutorial on how to drain someone’s energy. YouTube seems to love to not work on my phone, so I can’t watch C Kendall’s tutorial. So does anyone know of a good tutorial that could help me out?

I could tell you the need a connection to the said target.a link you can work this through visualisation.Then you will use your mental to visualise energy streaming from them to yourself.


Do I need to worry about any bad stuff in their energy?

Oh yes you need an effective filtering mechanism too

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Do you wanna do this for fun or you actually are in need of the energy .I feel like people whose souls are wired that way can do this easy.unless you wanna transmute yourself them you could go for it.but you could do it for fun too.

I want to do this so Ican revitalize myself when I need more energy. Like if I didn’t sleep well. And There is also my ex, she was a bitch and I want to drain her just to make her miserable .

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If it’s an attack then that is great are you good with chairs work.i believe the best place to attack is through the zeal chakra

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Never heard of “chairs” work before. And I am new to vampirism.

What kind of filtering mechanism?


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More of how to transform or eliminate the unwanted energies

Any tips on how, as you can tell, I am a noob, lol

You should work with Lilith she will better off teach you than us texting on here.bit if you are proficient in energy work it would be easier to visualise and FEEL .then manipulate your “system”

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I see, I shall talk to Lilith, she’s like a motherly figure to me, and one of her daughters was sent to me by her to help with my psychic senses and stuff. So I shall do that tomorrow.

You can grab a crystal and capture their energy inside it. So you can use that energy later. And you can drain your enemy.

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Im interested in the filtering aswell.
Is it as easy as just imagining the energy becoming “clear”?
Is it safe to vampirise anyone as long as one filters the energy or could some bad stuff still get transfered even if you filter it to the best of your ability?
Does there come a point later on in the practice when this filtering become automatic?

I appreciate everyone who can chime in on these questions.


The book ‘Rituals of Pleasure’ written by Asenath Mason was more than a useful help to become a vampiress myself. But take care what sorta energy ya vampirize! 1 tip I can give ya from personal experience: Ya gotta practise!
Hail to Lilith


Exactly, additionally you could visualize a tendril protruding out of your crown chakra or (out of any chakra).Imagine it getting longer with each Inhale and exhale, once its 7 to 8 ft away from you. Visualize the end of the tendril forming Into a sphere of black energy then visualize It transforming to any form you desire, be It a huge bat, snake , demon or dragon. Once this Is done, will and command your form to go out and feed from your prey. Id post this technique word for word but I dont want to get Into trouble. I recommend reading Akhkharu vampyre magick and Sekhem apep typhonian vampyre magick by Michael W.Ford and Vampyre magick by Father Sebastiaan


if they are an enemy. you don’t want to absorb their energy. Just drain and fill their energy with dark black poison energy. You can create an energy vampire orb to drain them constantly. Program it to drain and give negative energy to them.

the reason to fill in after draining is so they don’t notice it. if you just drain they will feel a void empty and might do something about it. If you fill it up with other bad energy of your taste after draining. they won’t notice it. And the negative energy will destroy them slowly inside out.

The reverse can be done if it’s someone your care for.

It’s all about your using strong will, intention, visualization and imagination.


Lilith just wants your energy she doesn’t care about