How do I summon Marbas


I’m a new to summoning demons and spirts and I need some help. I would like to summon Marbas but I’m not sure what way I should.

I’ve looked around at other forums and I’m not sure what the direct best way to summon him is.

Also do I need a candle or a sigil for the summoning.



Click on the little magnifying glass in the upper right. Type in “evocation guide.” Click on the third option that comes up.

That will tell you all you need to know.


ok thanks

Or get the book demons of magick by gordon winterfield. You probably want necessary safety background info too , not just the summon process.

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Where can I get the book?

I had a look at it. Does this work for all demons or specific ones?

I’m going to go ahead and take this chance to explain something that most people are confused, misconceived, and ignorant of.
Not quite sure how to put this but I’ll give it the old college try. Here goes, and I may get some backlash but whatever fuck it.
You can evoke simply by thinking of the force in question. It truly takes nothing more. All the ritual and fluff is simply for your sake only. It has absolutely nothing to do with the spirit or force or universal aspect god demon angel dead ancestor or whatever… Its a way to communicate to your subconscious mind your intentions in a way that the subconscious understands, symbolism…
The subconscious speaks to us through symbols and correspondences in our dreams so why would it be any different in the opposite direction?

Simply bringing the force into your awareness is all you need, then bring it from the back of your mind into your focus. This is really all that’s happening when we call up a spirit and call it forth. We conceive of it, (call it up) bring it to the forefront of our mind and into our direct focus and attention (call it forth) this is all that’s happening. It’s no more complicated or mystical or mysterious than that. The elaborate ritual serves no other purpose than to get you in the right mind state and frame of focus to open the lines of communication. It shifts you from your everyday mundane existence into a realm of possibilities where the work you do which is a 180 to everyday life can be viewed as what it is meant to be.


Your explanation is very good. Thanks for explaining it fully. It makes more sense now that you said that. A couple of questions though.

  1. Why are candles used in rituals?

  2. With evoking Marbas should I do all the required steps as what the Simple evocation guide said, or do another method of evoking him?

  3. Can I evoke him just by lighting a candle with his sigil+focusing in on the candle. Then calling forth him by calling saying “(Spirit’s Marbas) come, appear before me 3 times. then by repeating his enn?



have you ever heard of amazon? :smile: the infamous place that everyone check for books? not the amazon island that wonder woman came from. haha.


Dam never knew the amazon was a store :sweat_smile::joy:


Sure you can but keep in mind that if you want him to appear before you in some visual way you will need a visual medium for him to manifest in and be ready to look for him to see him he may not appear the way you think. Spirits manifest themselves in a vast array of ways so be ready to see him as he presents himself and not the way you expect him to. You may see him in the candle or in the smoke of the incense or if you scry for him in the black mirror or obsidian sphere or whatever. You might also just see him with your third eye on the backs of your eyelids when you close your eyes.


Thanks for clearing my questions up but I have one more. What is a visual medium? That’s It. Also thank you soooooo much for helping me out :smiley:


A visual medium is something you would use to “see” like for example if you were summoning a spirit outside you might use the cloudy sky as your visual medium so that you could see the spirit in the shapes the clouds make.


Would a mirror work?

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Sure and you could even use the television screen if its not on. Any reflective surface can work for scrying.


Alright. That’s basically all my questions I had. Thank’s for all the help! :smile::smiley:

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This is exactly how I communicate! Haha!

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You can do this (calling up) by just repeating its name over and over correct?

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Not exactly, you need to set your intention that you are calling the entity and that it will come. Reach out with your mind and feel for it in the universe.

Just going through the motions doesn’t do much. The chanting gets your conscious mind occupied so you don’t lose focus and start thinking about other things.