How do I self-initiate myself to Kali Ma?

I’ve been researching her and listening to her mantras for quite a while but I’ve decided I want to self-initiate myself to her. How can I do that?


By contacting her, via evocation or invocation.

Although even a petition spell or other forms of communication can work just fine.

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You didn’t elaborate. Please do so. What next? What do I say? etc. etc.

Kali magic by Baal Kadmon is one of the best writings

Thats up to you, really. I would research the ways Kali has been historically approached and offered, form a clear understanding of what you hope to accomplish from said initiation - ie are you wanting to initiate a magical path? a path of devotion? both? something else? and make those intentions known in whatever context you utilize to make contact.

I can only speak to my experience with Hekate, but I have found self initiation outside of some other person’s system most rewarding and do not care to follow anyone else’s formula (nor have i been asked to). This does not mean its easy. I cannot speak for Kali, but I was certainly asked to keep certain traditions holy on my path consistently, and have had more than a few initiations since my path began, branched, and craft expanded. It was not a one and done experience, but a matter of layers over a course of years.

If i had to start over, i wouldve had one dedicated journal to the experiences, so that is something id recommend to you. This way you can record things, observations that you perceive to be messages, actual messages, relevant dreams, things you learn in your studies, things that manifest relating to her, what you feel or are advised are part of your journey to do/perform, for magical: areas of the craft and skills you are asked to hone and progress in those things etc. There are a lot of things i remember, but i know there are things I lost, and then there are things i do that i dont remember why i started doing them, but i remember it was important. Lol! So keep a journal.

In fact, you could even start one for her and clearly define the intention of your initiation and use the first few pages to formulate the method you will use to communicate your purpose, include relevant things such as offerings, things that are considered sacred to her - i always like studying sacred plants - and proceed from there.

Good luck!

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