How do I remove a family curse?

I have a client/friend that I have come to realize has very clear generational curse around him. Magick seems to deflect off of him and his relatives, he has had the same string of bad luck as his father and grandfather and who knows who else. I went to project to him last night and he was completely surrounded by visible parasitic energy and chains, as was his entire home and his grandmother. I could barely breathe in there.

We’ve tried basic methods, salt baths, smoke cleansing, egg magick, etc. and it weakens for a moment, but then it comes back stronger than before. I need a spell to kill the curse at it’s source, and to remove the blockages that surround him.

I also want to mention that I live in the USA and he lives in Iran, so I can’t preform the cleansing in person. What do I do here?


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U can pm,and i lyk a book, i can recommend. Its kind like islamic magick