How do I prove this is real?

I always believed demons and Angels were real but never thought you could work with them.

Whats the easiest way to prove to myself that this stuff is real?

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No-one can really prove to you that they’re real. The only way to get solid evidence is through your own experiences - that’s where the evidence shows up, subjectively - and that requires an open mind and open heart. That’s the most direct answer I have for you.


Physical evidence. Call them, ask them to do things… move something, appear so you could see them, hear their voice. Easiest way is to use a good audio recorder and talk to them.

Reality is subjective AND objective, at the same time. You MUST - in my opinion - require verification of your experience. Nothing wrong with that.

I don’t take any astral stuff seriously at all. My spiritual experience is always confirmed by physical evidence or I will consider it hallucinations or the mind playing tricks on itself.

In my opinion, spirits do not exist “in the astral”… they exist in this physical material world we live in. We just can’t see them because this is their nature and our limited senses is not designed to sense their presence. When you’re contacting spirits you’re not contacting something in another realm in heaven or hell… you’re contacting beings already exist everywhere around us. Everywhere, all the time.

There is nothing wrong in proving their existence to yourself, and they don’t mind doing it if you asked for it. I recommend reading this book :