How do I know what changes to do?

Quick recap of what I’ve been doing. (Not that many people would actually know)

Recently I’ve reached a point where most non physical changes (like mental and energetic) I’ve become immensely easy, with the exception of me not being able to perfectly alter my perception.

I’m sort of making changes to m yenergetic and mental systems to obtain power, and I believe right now is the perfect time for me to do so.the problem is, I have no idea what to do. I’ve been sitting on my ass,doing things occasionally but really having no real drive until sudden inspiration hits.

So far I have:

Raised my vibrations over a period of days to the point where I cannot raise it anymore (and before now I had to “expand my vessel” to do so). It’s immense.

Altered my mentality to be more emotionally stable and secure, made myself defended mentally and emotionally from too much criticism and ego related incidents.

Altered my mental state to be more loving, receptive of love and in a state of near constant love.

Gained full control over my emotions and partial control over my mental beliefs and sensations

And more.

At this point, I’m not sure what to do. I know what I want, but I also know that pursuing it directly won’t be as effective right now, because I need to strengthen myself through spiritual practice in general. As of now, my goals are extremely lofty for what I am immediately capable of:

Kinesis of some sort, for fun

Power over my physical form and the physical world in a significant sense

Immense states of energetic ascended power and knowledge being unbelievably easy to get

Methods of infinite expansion I can do anywhere. (I was using raising my vibrations this way but as we spoke, I hit a sort of ceiling)

Practical clairaudience and clairvoyance

Telepathy and mind reading, or similar mental stuff

Immense power over my mental state (think making myself hallucinate like in a dream powerful)

Powerful, casually applied healing abilities

And honestly I could probably expand this list for a few miles. The shared trait of all of these goals is that they’re very possible, but were I to attempt to achieve them they would absolutely drain me for very little result coming out of it.

I have discovered that the more sadhana/gnosis/experience (not interchangable just a combination of these) I come across and learn, the more ease and within reach many of these skills are. So I’m not doing something.

I asked my tarot cards what I need to do, what I need to focus on and they just told me I needed to help someone. I still have no idea who.

I reached out to you guys to give me some advice, some insight. Thank you.

I said I want to learn it. I didn’t say I could do it. I even said those were one of my goals and it was currently out of my reach

I guess I’m a little unsure of what you’re asking. Are you asking for some direction or looking to validate your goals, or both?

I’d likely pick one or two of those goals to work on at a time. Otherwise, you may spread yourself too thin. Just my opinion.

Damn, I should learn some English :joy:

I’m looking for direction. Right now I’m not quite so sure what I’m supposed to do, everything is either out of reach or a little too obtainable. I was wondering if there were some basic changes I could make to my systems that would either be quality of life or massive upgrades

Sorry man, I somehow skipped there and read it in I achieved those part and was like *this again? *

You know what? Evoke Krehl’A Teral.

I should run before I embreass myself more :joy::running_man:‍♂

I would start working through a book or path, to be honest. It’ll help solidify what you’ve done, pull together separate pieces, and strengthen your experience with more complete workings (instead of simple exercises).

I went through a few. I once did a quick run-through of the sephiroth and a probably in complete run-through of the Qliphoth. I didn’t actually use the symbolism too well, but I did manage to get a lot of benefit out of it later down the line.

That being said, none of them are calling to me crazy right now. I guess I could try the shaman medicine wheel or something. I started the gatekeeper ritual but Abaddon stopped me and told me that I couldn’t do his gate yet and I had to wait for a while.

I guess I’ll go paw through kingdom of flames or something while I wait for people like Y’berion to make their inevitable appearance

Are you looking for something light? Dark?

no offense, but neither aesthetic really calls to me in any particular sense. I don’t want to feel like an angelic being of pure light, the energy doesn’t feel that great to me and I just don’t care. I don’t want to feel like I’m some sort of dark of honestly feels a little uncomfortable at worst and at best kind of frivolous for me.

Nor am I really even obsessed with the idea of power. I like power, but I do realize the form it comes in isn’t always so conducent to the form it’s portrayed in here.

Really, I’m looking for growth. A significant kind of growth.I find it in my everyday life, and I want a practice that can exemplify it. Because the more I grow, the more everything I want becomes very achievable. It also just feels amazing


I didn’t ask if you wanted to be an angel or some other nonsense.

How long did it take to achieve all that?

One would assume these are hefty endeavors that must take up lifetimes of work. They are not. They are simply methods of realization and growth.

It took a few weeks. One would assume this means I rushed them.

I actually do not like to speak about my experience most people, because I have been ridiculed for suggesting it was “that easy”.

So I would just like to add that these experiences are different for everyone.

Well, I’m probably not the best person for advice, in that case. Best of luck.

I’m sorry if I offended you.

The Black & White Mirror exercise. Do it properly.


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Didn’t offend me at all. I’m concerned you’ve short-changing yourself.

Maybe. At least tell me what’s up. It’s not like I’m trying to speed through things.

This is the best thing you said so far. I’m glad you’re working on yourself. :clap:

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I think we talk differently. We literally communicate the idea of working on ourselves differently, so I never got it. This was always my goal. How ironic. Thanks, Helena

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