How do I invoke spirits?

So I’ve been looking through the Goetia and there’s this spirit that can help you pass exams if you evoke him I believe…but how do you actually invoke a spirit? Not only that but if I can’t feel energy how can I tell if the spirit is in me??

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To get you started, check out the basics here:

This is like saying, how can I compete in this sport if I don’t know how to play it… The answer is, learn how to play.

You cant. You’ll probably want to work on that then. :slight_smile:

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While Maulbeere is right, there are other ways for them to communicate, such as emotional responses. When I started I got obssesed with Bune and tried to invoke her every single day. I couldn’t tell black from white at that moment, so of course it wasn’t going to work very well, but the dear lady always gave me a glimpse of happiness. Then it was confirmed by other people around here that that happens, so I stopped thinking it was just my imagination/placebo effect.


Oh interesting! I’ll check these out, thanks!:+1: