How do I have a demon fully possess me?

My Life was destroyed
So I would like to have a demon possess me
So I could one day wake up with my life fixed.
I do invocations
A step by step invocation process would be very much appreciated.

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It does not work like this.
You can work with a demon to fix your life, but it is hard work and not a short cut.


That’s why my demon won’t possess me fully?
He’s a passenger in my body
I’ve begged him, I just figured he would do it
If I knew how to give him a blood offering

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Except you are adept enough to control the demon that would posess you, then the end state of your life will be worse than the beginning. Be careful what you wish for, because you can just have it


A blood offering isn’t the key to a better life or a possession by a demon either. Most demons will not do the work for you but help to show you the way to achieving this goal. You still have to do your part to having a better life no matter what the situation may be. Be careful what you ask for because if your at a vulnerable spot in your life asking for a possession probably isn’t the thing you should be asking for, you just might be giving away your free will and still not get anything in return. Just think things through and make the intelligent choice in all aspects of your life and in magick as well.


What everyone mentioned here makes sense to me. There are many many people who are on the same boat as you — they’re trying to get things right and look towards a certain power; regardless of LHP, RHP — equally people run to one or the other for help when things go very bad.

Take it seriously, focus your intent and discuss what you want in place — there’s nothing that can fix it but you, so it’s about taking responsibility — the only thing that can coat your problem is drugs and I don’t advise it, because when the drugs are gone the problems are still there.

Demons don’t coat your body and mind when you feel like you need it the most, it will come when the time is right.

Be careful what you wish for as well, make it clear that you require assistance and will provide offerings and deeper connection with the daemon. I hope the very best for you. Take care


You’re the owner of your own body, a demon can’t take 100% control over your body because you’re the one currently bound to it. You can’t just “go to sleep” and give your body up to something and hope it fixes it.

Magick doesn’t work that way.


Is this actually true, though? I’ve heard privately from people who say that while it is very difficult, there are circumstances where a demon can assume control while the regular occupant is ‘asleep’. I’d be curious to hear any personal experiences along those lines.

I couldn’t help but notice that you said most. Are you implying that there are a few demons who will indeed do the work for you, at least somewhat?

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I highly doubt it, there are people however you view their “tulpa” as a separate entity in their body/mind and it takes over from time to time however, it’s not it’s a fragmented aspect of their personality that are aware of one another but consider each separate while sharing the same body. So it’s a personality switch not a literal possession and take over.

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Velanos I understand where you’re coming from but I have to disagree to the degree that I’ve seen people possessed and they will act erratic and sometimes hostile, and will faint and wake up after a minute not remembering anything and feeling very pale…

It’s evident that our vessels can be targeted like it is really is something taking over the host.

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That doesn’t mean it’s a possession, like literally it doesn’t explain possession at all lol. I’ve literally met a guy who had what I mentioned earlier and he would blackout and have moments of hostility.

It is a possession when you know why it was done and who seemed to have done it. Don’t jump the gun so much bro , you’re sounding like a bigger skeptic now , it’s magick, right? :slight_smile:

You should travel outside of the western world and experience the other side of things… you got a westernised mindset on it if you can’t see it for what it is.

Magick requires skepticism not brain falling out ignorance lol, so I take it as a compliment. I wouldn’t be as far as I am in my path over these decades without skepticism.

My mindset isn’t westernized lmao, unless by westernized you mean not a gullible fool than again thank you for the compliment lol.

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Fair enough, I respect your input. :slight_smile: take care

Possession happens if the spirit in question is willing. Doesn’t sound like he is.

Even then, it’s not going to change anything.

Possession happens if I am which is me my spirit is willing to let another spirit possess my body is that what you mean?

full possession is difficult but possible two head possession or part possession i recommend to you.

What is going on in your life that you feel it is destroyed?

What have you been doing as a practitioner on a daily basis?

Do you take measures to protect your energy and your mind in between what you do such as grounding, cleansing, etc.?

Have you done any shadow work? Do you work with demons a lot?

I ask because you may not be doing all that you can to protect your emotional stability when practicing. Or you could be in a rough place in life due to the demons you work with and/or shadow work bringing forth all of the shit that you need to actively work on.

You can’t start this path to better your life if you aren’t going to take certain measures to put your own work in. If you expect demons to take away all of your problems, you are gonna be screwed.

They will take your problems and shove them in your face until you want to finally deal with them. If you don’t, nothing will get better.

It may seem like possession is the only way for you, and I’ve been there mentally as well. But I started exercising, stopped putting harmful shit in my body, focused on eating healthy, forced myself to break out of my comfort zone, etc. I worked on myself relentlessly.

What are you doing to change your life? And why don’t you believe in yourself enough to take action?

No a demon won’t do the work for you but some can harm you if you are in a vulnerable state and don’t have the will power to control whatever situation you are trying to put yourself in.

You can have like a quantum entanglement with a demon, but they won’t be fully possessing you, and you’d be in control, you’ll just feel different sorta, emotions can be heightened, any mental issues, more so anger will be depending on which. Be careful which one you do ot with because if you’re not strong willed, you’ll do lots of things you’ll regret. Being said, it’s nice having one at your side to call on for protection of yourself or others, even good at clearing away other spiritual entities that might be around trying to mischievous. This is from experience. You can still work with angels, other demons, it doesn’t matter your partnership with the attached demon. They won’t bring you fame or give you a new life, it can create purpose however.