How do I get rid of a Toxic person?

I feel like I’ll go crazy if I don’t get rid of this person. Actually thing is they are living with me. They are a relative. And since my parents dont want to tell them to get out I can’t do anything either. They have really pushed my limits. They have mocked me. and they have said awful things about my parents. Yet since they are a relative my mom doesn’t wanna tell them to get the hell away from here.

I feel like I can’t deal with this anymore. If i could i would have left this house but its not an option for me right now. :sob::sob:


Try a binding to stop the poor behavior? :thinking:

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i just cant handle seeing them in my house anymore. I want them gone. I want to inflict them worst of misery. I wish them death

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They have mocked me for years whenever we met. But they lived in another city so i tolerated it somehow. They even kicked me out of their house once for no reason (even though i didn’t even want to be in their house) my mom basically forced me to visit them.

anyways, now that they are living with me. I just cant tolerate this shit anymore. That too every fucking day.

Then do a death curse, if it doesn’t actually kill them, often the effect is that they leave your life so they might as well be dead as far as you’re concerned.

There’s a lot of topics with options for those here, or try the book “Baneful Magick” by E.A. Koetting :slight_smile:


I don’t know which curse will be the most effective. Also I don’t have E.A. Koetting’s book.

I’m not a violent person at all. I just want peace in my life. I feel very disturbed in all sorts of ways due to their presence in my life.

So, before you do any magick, you need to settle with yourself clearly what you want. If you don’t your magick will be confused and probably won’t work.


and this:

…are conflicting goals.

Do the working to get what your goal really is. If you want peace, do a working for love and peace.

This option should be safer all around as well, it doesn’t sound like you have any protections, and no spiritual hygiene practice to deal with any unwanted astral interest that doing baneful magick can attract.

Also take up a meditation practice to rebalance your energy when it becomes off base. You don’t have to let the situation make you sick. You don’t have to interact with or visit people you don’t want to, I wouldn’t and I don’t. Take charge of this energy as well as working towards a peaceful situation.

Me, I’d do a binding. Look up “Vovin’s Freeze Spell” using the search function at top right :smiley:
Bindings are safe and very effective.

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Yes you are right. I’m a natural witch but due to my inability to decide which way is better I’m suffering. Thank you so much for guiding me

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Typically people stay in the same place until they are too uncomfortable to stay…

This I’ve removed most toxic people in my life by making it very very uncomfortable for them.

Your not wrong if u use baneful magic against them. Sometimes it’s just what they need to see their reflection and grow :black_heart:


I wish I was financially independent so i could move out. Im trying to do something about that these days because i see that as my way out

But this person doesn’t seem to care that they aren’t wanted here. Nothing seems to matter to them.

I don’t know how to make living here uncomfortable for them.

Whenever you interact with this person, make a conscious effort to reverse the energy flow between you. Bullying is a form of parasitism, if you reverse the flow the perpetrator gets drained instead of invigorated and they’ll probably stop after a few failed attempts.

Like other people said a death spell would also be a good idea. I was able to get out from a troublesome family member simply by evoking the spirit from a Death tarot card. This will probably be painful though, especially if the bond between you is strong.


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I would tell them directly. Then go the dead brick method and become dull. Don’t respond and go completely no contact. Thats actually a magical act right there. But i understand going no contact ever again is difficult if they are living under same roof.

It seems they are feeding on your reaction. Don’t feed them. And if they invade your physical space or get physical pre emptive strike to the side of the jaw.
Also if they demand something say ‘no i would rather not thankyou’.


Seems like a narccisistic supply.


I think I’m going to curse them to ruin them but i would make sure i stay calm and collected. I need to have control over my emotions. That’s important rn.

They are very narcissist and also misogynistic too.