How do I forget?

Ok so here’s the deal: I’m wondering if there is any spell, ritual, demon, etc. that will help me to forget somebody? Or is there a way to shut off my feelings for a little while? Think Sam in season 6 of supernatural when he comes back without a soul. Obviously i dont want to not have a soul, but not being able to feel things for a while would be nice. Alright any suggestions are great…go!!

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Plenty of them can demon wise sallos hit the light switch on mine for awhile cause I didn’t want to feel anything for my ex anymore

Any one of them would love to take that energy tbh


I asked Sargatans, for this.

The best cure: build new memories by going out and doing things that stimulate you. Memories are nothing more than thoughts about the last time you remembered something (hence how childhood memories are vastly different to the individual compared to the actual events as recorded through photographes or home movies). Think of it as a game of telephone going on in your head. So, in a way, you are asking for a removal not of memories of the individual person, but your thoughts of them constructed from your own point of view. The mind can hold onto only so many thoughts at a time so the stimuli caused by new events can be used to essentially substitute those thoughts in time. You can reinforce this phenomena by performing a basic banishment spell not only the person themselves, but your thoughts you associate with them. Then go out and do things you enjoy. This is especially important when doing things that “remind” you of them as linking those actions with new experiences will help you eventually break away from those “triggers” giving you the freedom to do what you enjoy without dwelling on the past. I hope this helps in some way.


Good advice there @Dralukmun


Amaranth flowers in a poppet that represents the attachment.
Make it with fat that biodegrades, and lots of intention, bury it knowing that by the time nature has taken it back, the feelings and your feelings about the memories even, will have likewise been disintegrated.