How do I forget a cursed target I encounter daily?

Hi all, this is my first post on this forum which I discovered a few days ago. I hope you’ll be kind if I say something daft or repetitive :wink:

There is a tldr at the end in case it’s too long!

I have had a shitty neighbour for several years now - big time control issues around women and always ridiculing them; bigot; and noisy to boot. I tried a LOT of things to get him moved on peaceably with calming snd peace spells, freezer spells, binding spells. Also, in the past year I’ve been working hot foot and cursing powder foottrack spells. The hotfoot has been a recurring one, since I understand it often requires repeated applications.

Nothing has gotten him to sort his shit out or move on so I did some homework and laid a total destruction curse to stop him ‘by all means necessary’.

Now, I know that too might need some more work since it’s a new working for me, and I usually need a couple of tries before I nail those. However I am determined to stick by the formula of “do it then forget about it” in between. From what I hear, throwing all you got into the curse and then forgetting about it entirely is the normal procedure.

That’s where I run into trouble because, how on earth do I forget someone who’s inflicting himself on the world so noisily every day…?

I think it’s only a matter of time till this working, well, works, but in the meantime, he’s being one nasty shit. Nothing illegal, the police are useless for this sort of thing anyway… so he’d have to injure or kill someone to be worthy of their attention in my town. Sigh.

Tldr: how do you forget a cursed target who is inflicting their presence on you day and night? Is this even desirable in such a situation or should one take a different approach?

Please note, I’m not about summoning demons - ,no judgement on those who are - however, angels, archangels, elementals and pagan gods or goddesses are mostly fine by me (I say ‘mostly’ because I don’t know if I’d click with every one suggested, but am willing to try!)

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Just thought I’d revive this thread, since no one had an answer and it clearly isn’t anywhere in the forums… I’ve had plenty opportunities to search them since posting.

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I know you don’t like summoning demons but they can be highly effective in this situation. You could try Belial or Andras, or King Paimon

However given that you have mentioned it is not your personal preference to work with demons how about a mind control spell?

Of course there is also the more mundane route of taking legal action. Perhaps an application for an injunction (the name of this might vary based on the country you reside in and the legal jurisdiction of that country).

I would have replied sooner but have been taking a magical sabbatical until recently to recharge.

You don’t have to forget about the ritual after cursing someone unless if you’re studying a tradition that practices this. I think you need to be more confident in your approach. Forget about your past failures and try again.

If this doesn’t work then try something new. It’s all about finding what works for you.


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