How do I figure out what blockages I have and how do I get rid of them?

I’M pos I have a blockage of some kind and don’t know where to begin to fix it. I can remember when I was 3 and 5 yrs old a friendly demon stopped by several times and I could sense him, feel him and communicate mentally with him. I no longer have the ability to do that, Can anyone offer some help here ?

Keep trying, but not too hard, because strain causes blocks. Relax and invite, try other methods to get back in touch with your subconscious like using divination and meditating.

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Look into Spirit Releasement Therapy. SRT practitioners can scan you for attachments and do psychic surgery if they find anything.

Beyond that, look into age regression, especially pre-birth regression. Regression hypnotists can find blocks you didn’t even know you had.

Many SRT pracs do age regression as well, ask them about soul retrieval if that turns out to be a problem.

Finally, read Donna Eden’s book Energy Medicine and do the daily exercises, which are designed to repair your different energy bodies. This is the kind of work you do with the Pentagrams & Hexagrams and the Middle Pillar, but you feel the results from Donna’s drills much faster because they’re more comprehensive than the Golden Dawn’s versions.