How do I fight spirits?

When banishing doesn’t work, when they chip away at my will, when they keep coming back for more

I need to make a stand. How do I kill these things or get them far away from me?

I probably shouldn’t even be saying this (but I mean well with it)
I remember initially reading some of your threads where you posted you were talking to an Angel. Within minutes you posted you had evoked another entity just then, and a minute later another, and then Danny de Vito.
I mean, not every random thought you have is a contact with a spirit, and really not every single thought is worthy of attaching value to it.
The mind is the greatest and only true Weapon the Magician has. Control it or lose it.

Banish and be confident in your banishing. If you feel you need to repeat a LBRP then do it, but trust that it works. Because only then it will and can work.

Hope I didn’t say anything that offends.


Use your energy work skills, or project and fight them like you would any normal individual. It’s just a matter of winning that fight :man_shrugging: most beings die the same way a human would, with a few exceptions like elementals.

I usually feel the presence despite anything. I won’t speak for myself back then, I have no idea what I was on, but today I feel terrible.

I don’t feel okay and I feel like my communications are going wrong in some way

Uh what??!


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Sometimes when I attack it doesn’t seem to do anything or it phases through them or they just keep going.

I tried destroying them in elaborate ways but they usually return from the dust they fell into.

And sometimes they just keep coming back

I have found that behavior existing mainly with parasites in my experience. For them, I use energy work to tear them to pieces and visualize consuming the remains. It is a more out there approach but it is useful for me.


That’s not usually suppose to happen when fighting a real entity since you’re I assume physical projecting rather than astral the attack would be the equivalent to a physical attack for the entity since you’re practically on the same density at that point and not just pop back in place after being destroyed. Only cases I can think of is it it’s a projection But a projection damage still transfers to their actual body as well or not legitimately them, or they are toying with you.


Behind u , mu must see a hole with a black void. The rest is grabbing them in, chucking it in there and closing it up…with any luck u may enjoy the flavor , and some may feel less tasty. It took a decade for me to be able to do this. it was worth the work of refining the same visualization, over and over again until it worked. In a sense it could also be them initiating u to develop another skill set. Advice is to brutalize and torment them if u can before swallowing them into the abyss. This should send the message to them to f off!

My sense is it’s the burnout I tried to warn you about. Too much too fast and you don’t know whether you’re coming or going.

Banish, ward your house, pick up a protective talisman and take a break for a few months to let your energetic system rebalance itself, come back to an even keel. If you don’t, it can get worse from here.

If you want to go on the offense, make yourself huge in the astral, pick up armor and a flaming weapon, and go on a rampage, disintegrate everything you find. Just don’t expect to invite them back later.
I’m concerned that in your state that’s not a good idea though and could contribute to, not help, your imbalance.


I will definitely take your break advice.

But I will absolutely not take a multiple month break. I hope you understand.

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they could be parasites… they could be just thought forms you’re creating yourself.
i’d agree with Maubeere… take a break. Meditate Learn to calm your mind. Work on learning to close and open your chakras. Shielding it… make you less susceptible to parasites. At least that worked in my case.


This was my thoughts if theyre just reforming after being destroyed and if they are I’d take a break from touching the astral/mental plane and work on processing that so they starve to ‘death’

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Nothing your saying makes any sense to me, it seems vague and disengenious. What is chipping your will, how is your will or thoughts being attacked?

Banishing rituals are worthless unless you know what you are fighting. I see lots of guess work but no real solution.

I would conduct a divination and see what forces are at work that are disrupting your daily routine. Then you will know for sure what is causing you harm and then you will know how to stop it, or at least develop a plan to fight back, if is in fact magic or spirit related or just a bout of depression that is forcing you to post dozens of vague posts detailing a loney life.

You’re being avery accusatory person as usual. I mean they keep coming after me after I try to get rid of them and they keep me up making me feel like shit

And I’m not lonely. I have too many people to talk to. But it certainly wasn’t spiritual influence that made me feel like crap earlier, but today it was.

How old are you? Are you undergoing psychotherapy of some kind. What I am seeing is someone who is depressed and looking for attention.

Law, I’m not depressed and I feel fine right now. I was being attacked by a spirit earlier, and I needed actual advice for getting rid of them.

Please go somewhere where you are wanted.

That was mean, but perhaps you need to think before you speak.

I agree with netherman. You seem to change your story constantly to the point of absurdity, first your being attacked by an unknown force, then it’s not spirits that were causing a breakdown but it is today.

You still haven’t answered a single question that I have put forward:

What exactly is chipping away at your will?

How old are you?

Are you seeking psychotherapy?

I have seen hundreds of posts you have put forward that defy logic, when you don’t get a response you start to respond to yourself, each post has no logic to it, changing the theme of the topic at will. Maybe your telecommunicating with John Travolta now and he can solve all this for you.

My best advice is stay on the medication and seek psychotherapy to solve your ongoing depression.

I haven’t summoned Danny Devito but I am working on Jennifer Garner. Hopefully I won’t have to perform a banishing ritual to rid of her astral spirit.


I answered your questions just fine, you’re just a dumbass.

I mean earlier earlier, in relation to you calling me a depressed child, and I don’t mean earlier today, I said something else was bothering me. But today a spirit was.

the spirit, who kept coming back, was chipping away at my will because I had to exert a lot of power to try to get rid of them.

it does not matter how old I am. You need to stop asking personal questions and somehow think we’re going to solve all your other questions with your weak psychoanalysis skills

I am not seeking psychotherapy. I do not need psychotherapy.

It does not matter who I summon or why. They are gone, Danny DeVito did not attempt to take my goddamn energy.

I am not defying logic, you cannot read between the lines. Please stop being so unbelievably, unapologetically daft. I’m fine, as a whole. Sometimes I experience weird things that I need help with.

You never help me with those things, you try to though. Thank you for trying. But you are not helping.

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