How do I evoke Greek gods & goddesses?

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I usually make up my own based on what I have read in books about chaos magic invocations. I find a quiet place where I can do a ritual undisturbed, perform some kind of banishment ritual, then meditate to try to relax my mind and start repeating a chant. Usually for the Greek Gods I use an English translation of one of the Orphic Hymns to that specific deity and add a few extra lines about the specific thing for which I am requesting help. I chant it over and over while in a relaxed meditative state until I feel like it’s sunken into my subconscious. It helps to have physical objects or pictures in front of me that are associated with that deity that I can look at while chanting- like a caduceus for Hermes, a lyre for Apollo, an olive tree or owl for Athena, etc. Then I do a banishing and go about my regular business. Repetition helps- making it into a daily habit and then forgetting about it to let the subconscious process the message. I think that the best methods are whichever ones work best for you at getting the message into your subconscious mind.


Research the god/goddess you are wanting to evoke find out what correspondences they have: planetary,gemstones,incense,sacred animals, traditional offerings etc

Then as @anon69472442 stated build an altar around what they like and you can set up a traditional depiction of them as well. Doesn’t have to be anything fancy a statue displayed on your cellphone will work or print it out from online.

Many of them also have associations in the tarot deck as well so you can even add their tarot card onto your altar as “their sigil”

Check the forum and/or google because some magicians have created sigils for them that can help give you a shortcut or as another member stated above create your own after making the intial contact

You can also find incantations on YouTube that will translate the greek prayer into english subtitles although in my personal experience you don’t need to speak greek to get their attention but if you want that flavor go for it but you can call out to them in english from the heart and they will hear you

Good luck!


is an honour(i’m woud say pleasure but honour sounds more elegant)

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It’s not hard to create a sigil. I think it boils down to personal belief and preference. When I went to evoke Athena I was doing research and getting ideas to make her a sigil myself but then found one on google that I honestly could barely improve on. It was like this abstract olive tree that was easy to draw and intuitively to me felt the most appropriate the only thing I did to add my own twist was to add the alchemical symbol for Jupiter in its branches

So either way research doesn’t hurt maybe you just get ideas for your own sigil

Or maybe you believe that the more people who use it the more powerful it becomes which is a popular belief held by many chaos magicians


Only issue I can find with using someone else’s sigil or online sigils is there’s more than just that entity attached to them, basically it’s a tainted sigil. Other entities attached to it as well as thoughtforms and egregores.

So a lot of weeding through it should be done.


Oh I’m always for bringing in your own creativity into magick. That’s interesting to compare sigils to a prayer I guess in the end it has the same effect of reaching out to a spirit so why not?

This is where we learn through our own experiments and results. In my personal belief there’s no reason your unique sigil or prayer can’t work just as well as an orphic hymn recited in greek.

Some people are more open and willing to experiment others want a more traditional approach to avoid doing it wrong,getting an imposter etc

Again I think it boils down to personal belief. If you’re confident you will get Hermes then you probably will if you’re more afraid you’ll get an imposter then you probably will

I just looked at my Athena sigil and have to correct myself apparently the version I drew with the Jupiter symbol is not the one I used I went with the original sigil I found online I wound up not altering it because I felt it was complete as is and made sense to me. I did however color it differently than the original artist (knew I did something different)


I agree that it doesn’t matter if its a sigil that 50 magicians swear by if it doesn’t feel right to you don’t use it. Don’t accept just anything into your practice but weigh it against your own intution and sincerely held beliefs

Many of the same as you.

Hermes,Artemis,Aphrodite, Apollo, Phosophorus, Persephone and Selene

I have worked with Hestia before but we didn’t have a lasting connection

I am also working with someone new now but prefer to keep it to myself until we get to a better understanding


Very detailed info. Thanks!

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@anon2593031 oh you worked with Athena before? That’s actually 1 of the goddesses I want to work with. What all do you know about her and what all can she help with?

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Right now I’m working with her for developing strategies to help me reach my goals and become more independent of my spouse.

This is a pretty good article I found about working with her that even includes a lot of associations at the end

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@anon2593031 Thanks!

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