How do i do a obsession spell

So how do I do an obsession spell I love him and I want him to love me I know I won’t simply achieve that by doing it in a normal way, I do not wish to do a love spell I want him to be obsessed with me I currently have candles such as a couple of yellow tea light candles and some small pink. green, blue, and orange candles I have cotton balls and honey, I can use blood I do not mind, I know a person’s free will is necessary but I am at a point I could care less about it so if you can help tell me how to do an obsession love spell i would be grateful

Obsession isn’t love, it’s a mental unless just so you know, what you’re trying to do it break your lover and send them insane… but, hit the search at top right we have tons of techniques. Have a browse through and try one that looks doable for you.

Or here are a few of our favorites

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I browsed through many of the posts but couldn’t find one that says how to do something like this hence I posted but thank you for the information

Search for intranquil spell.

You have several options and you will have to pick what suits your level and protections. Honey Jars, Entities (gods, Goetia, Jinn all have this in their offices, also the “Intranquil Spirit” if you’re feeling extra mean about it), then sympathetic magick, candle magick and law of attraction/NAP.

It’s a good idea to beef up protections as these spells tend to make the caster more obsessed than the target and intensify the pain that makes you want to do this in the first place. It’s also a target for parasites, so add shields, banish and ground as much as possible before and after.

I found one on this page in less than a minute… or what’s wrong with the jar obsession spell if you saw that?

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when I read it it seemed to be a broken-down honey jar spell and from my experience, it is used to sweeten an already existing relationship or make people who have feelings for each other to make their feelings stronger. I am not sure I am correct but it is not considered an obsession spell I know it is the intent that matters the most but the fact I have done a few honey jar spells for my friends before that, that memory prevents me from being able to trust the spell hence failing it. I only started a year ago so I’m not sure if the things I know are correct so please don’t feel like I am being rude if I am wrong.

You can use them for general attraction and for obsession. The magick is not in the jar itself, it’s in your own energy and intention put into it. The jar is basically a theatrical prop to get your juices flowing.

Use your creativity.

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