How do I destroy someone's glamour?

There are a lot of people who know they were born with such charm and beauty that they use it to manipulate, hurt, and steal from others. It’s all they have, but most of the time, it suffices.

I’d like to hear your advice on how to take away that illusion. Are there any spells or workings that can make other people see through those jerks and bring their inner rot to the surface?


There are entities in the Goetia that can take away trust, cause arguments and discord and generally mess up relationships, also ones to reveal those that betray others and thieves.


I just want other people to see through their pretensions and fake shit because I know a deceitful little social climber when I see one.

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If you think that they hide something behind that facade I would suggest Andromalius.

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Oh yeah, I completely forgot all about Andromalius. Thanks! What candle color would you use here if you wanna expose someone?

There’s a ritual in Angels of Wrath for that.

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Gonna try all of these. Thanks!

I would go with vine.
According to VK, he can: He can assist designated war efforts in myriad other ways as well. He specializes in psychic protection, shields, wards, banishing, etc. He teaches self-defense and increases combative talents

Basically vine can do all sorts of energy work including protection and destruction. He can enter into the victim’s energy field and destroy their glamour and charm.


I’ve worked with Vine before but I seem to have pissed him off the last time. Hope he’s moved on from it.

Ah, the allure of the charlatans! To dispel such glamour, you’ll need a pinch of salt, a black candle, and a mirror. Light the candle, sprinkle salt on the mirror, and gaze upon it, focusing on the target. Visualize their facade cracking, revealing their true nature. Chant: “By mirror’s sight, reveal the lies, let truth unmask their guise.” Repeat thrice, then extinguish the candle. This spell should strip away their illusion, exposing their inner ugliness for all to see. Use with caution.


Hmm but with me gazing upon the mirror, I’m worried that I might become my own target.

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Fear not, for your intention shields you. As you cast the spell, visualize a protective barrier around yourself, like a shield of light. Envision only the target being affected by the spell’s energy, while you remain unscathed behind your protective barrier. Trust in your focus and intent, and you shall emerge unharmed.

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Orobas might be helpful in unearthing truth. Which might also include dropping someone’s glamour/ illusion.

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Fortiar, found in KoF is a demon that binds and destroys one’s gifts

I’m sure there are likely more entities who can do just that, but the one I am aware of that is easy to work with is Fortiar

Simply open open the sigil and state your desires - Give offerings if you choose to. I sometimes do (blood) and sometimes don’t and never once not have the desired results

There’s nothing wrong with mixing Fortiar with other entities, like one that compels liars to reveal the truth or simply expose what are hidden - Your creativity is the limit really


I don’t really wanna bind the target. On the contrary, I want them to make an absolute ass of themselves in the presence of other people. I’ll check KoF for a more compatible demon.

Even with non-KoF entities?

I SemenDemon666,

The best way to destroy someone’s glamour is to be more glamous than them yourself.
Beauty is a power for everyone not because some have it and some haven’t. You can have , find and grow this power for yourself even if your are disabled or not with a lot of beauty according to you.

Just chase the power of beauty and see looks of the other change days after days.

Aphrodite is very good about that of course, but astarté, the feminine version of Astaroth are good too.
Every feminine demon with beauty power can help you. And you can fight equal to equal with very beautiful people.

Mister Univers

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I do it.


Eliminate Beauty from Angels of Wrath, and I believe there is a jinn ritual in the Hargrove book about it so people can see what is truly repulsive about a person.

Mirror is not the case. But if you have unrecognizable jealousy towards that person, it is weakness that can turn it to you. I don’t say jealousy is forbidden, I just say you have to see the situation with clear lenses.