How do i break a love spell?

Couple months ago I did bunch of love spell on this guy we weren’t in relationship just mostly sleeping together but I was really into him and was really depressed when he left me for another girl and I really wanted him back so I did bunch of spell from candle magic to nailing his pictures etc. I really don’t know if it was the spell but he is now back and obsessed with me. Tried to add me on every social media, calls me all the time and he follows me, shows up to my house middle of the night and he even tried to pull me into his work vehicle today it’s getting scary. I want to file a report against him but I’m so scared since he is also a officer, this is driving me crazy my life is becoming a living hell.

Edit: To all the ppl considering doing love spell please take a second guess about doing these, I don’t want to tell other ppl what to do but couple months ago i didn’t care about all the consequences cause I thought I was madly in love I just wanted him i hate him and my life is becoming absolute hell.

Welp… we always advice against doing this kind of thing for this exact reason: if you do magick to get someone obsessed with you, that’s what you’re going to get. Not to tell you we told you so, but yeah…

Anyway, I don’t really know what spells did you shoot at him so I can’t tell you anything specific other than try to get someone specialized in the human mind, such as the demon Orias, to make a shift in his mind, so he becomes disgusted with you or better, indiferent. Indiferent would be the right choice, actually.

Other option could be to call on Hekate, since she is a goddess of magick, to cancel your spells.


hah yup guess I was blinded by my “love” for him. Lesson learned.
I did saint Helene love spell and one of thoes jar spells

Hey!! I had posted a nixing spell not too long ago!! I hope it helps you!!

I did the same thing…I casted a whole bunch of love spells on a woman I thought I loved but now I don’t want any part of. I nixed most of my spells, I did discover recently that I missed maybe one or 2 that I’ll be handling when I can

I hope this helps you :grin::grin:

Can you help how u perform that spell please dm me I don’t have option to dm

I always tell people with love or sex “be careful what you wish for because you might get it”

You could bind him to a new object or person. Pretty much replace yourself with someone else. You could call upon Isis for help. She would probably help you. Rope magick may help to keep him tied up aqay from you. Or wax figure magick. Kept behind a glass drawer or behind something you can still see it from. This makes a barrier of sorts between you two

I was wondering if I could bind him back to the b**ch he left me for ? Looks like she was toxic to him but I think he deserves her.

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If you click on my profile i actually replied to other ppl about this spell

Yea you could bind him to anyone. It will probably be a bit difficult as he is obsessed with you.