How do I become a living meme?

I want to become the highest meme in this world, to plunder my enemies with my holy meme magic.

How do I reach this?


Surgery to transform into Wojak, 10 year studies on a monastery in Uranus, then you must seek the Frog God and ask Him to spawn genius in you.


You have to wait for the message of approval from the Prophet Of Moist. He lives in the deepest brown, soft, narrow and moist cave of the planet Uranus.

Did you know that Uranus easily fits 63 Earths? Isn’t that impressive!? Put some vaseline in the cracks of Uranus and a couple of more Earths slips in. :+1:



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I can’t breath the fuck :rofl:


Its simple man…
Contact Jehova. Hes the biggest meme in the Astral cause so many blasphemous jokes have been made about him :joy:

But for real:
The Ultimate Glamour Spell

Print out a picture of yourself.

Anoint it with whatever oil you prefer.

Do a spell to make yourself a Living meme, one that is greater than even Kek.

Or you can do a evocation of:
Kek, The Challenge Accepted Meme, the Rage Quit Meme, and the Challenge Denied Meme
Ask them to empower the pic.

Post the pic online (particularly on BALG, 4chan, or reddit)

Wait, but do not lust for results.

Enjoy the incoming emotional and social pressure/energy that results.

Endure it or be destroyed.


You’re going to have to dethrone Gene Wilder for starters. Do that and your quest for meme supremacy is well on its way.

Maybe start worshiping Kek and learning Shadilay.

If you are serious, and not just a troll, then how about taking a moment to introduce yourself to the forum in our Intro thread? It is one of the rules 'round here:

All these years feelin’ those feels and I never knew his name was Wojak. Knowledge like a wrecking ball…


WOKEJACK, amirite?

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That’s some fancy necromancy you’ve pulled here


@Lady_Eva might want to lock this. not like there was a point to this thread anyways

You need friendship magic



As far as I know, no.