How do I become a living god?

Im godmagus

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Pleased meet you Godmagus.

I have fixed this minor fault in my profile. By my own admonition it is my fault. But with someones true name you could affect them through magick quite effortlessly. Be aware of such people. Although i am strong enough to notice if i am truly being spiritually attacked. I digress

Oh, I didn’t know that. I read somewhere that if someone has your magickal name, that can attack you.

No no no. Magickal name sure but your true name. The spirits know you by this especially if you give more details. This is akin to something i was told as a child although im unclear as to where i heard it “if you know the true name of god. You can destroy him and all of existence”

That’s very interesting. I better think of a different username. Thank you for enlightening me. The name of God is in the Bible though.

Perhaps that’s why the people on this planet are all going bonkers. :thinking: