How do I actually hear spirits?

I’ve done all the rituals right, I’m very sure, even offered AND used some blood.

Only asking and putting out there for a conversation, nothing in return yet.

I think they are trying to speak to me, to make contact with me, I hear the tinnitus, a lot of it when I do it, and I believe I feel some prescence maybe.

But I’m not sure my senses have the aptitude to hear or see, how do I do this? Train this or?

I’m trying to speak to Orobas.

Any help? And Mike, if you speak to Orobas, could you ask him what he thinks of me? Or if he knows of me or knows I’m summoning him? Some clarity would be nice, just whenever you’re summoning him.

Hearing entities is clairaudience which you learn as you practice, it can be learning to hear the energy around you, your own energy, the energy of others, and so forth. Overtime you become capable of hearing entities, in my opinion if you can’t hear or (any other clair) pertaining to entities and energy you probably should start with the basics.

Also note asking other people what an entity thinks of you will for the most part have their bias within the response and not a clear response unmuddled. However, you can look into tarot, runes, or any other form of divination to speak to the entity and how they feel about you.


Yes but how do I practise but lol, what’s the method?

I trust mike, seems a good guy, and I’m only really gonna be satisfied with a conversation, but I appreciate the heads up for other methods.

If it’s a little coloured by him, I don’t think it’ll be too much.

Learning to scan is one way. It doesn’t have to be scanning others it can be scanning yourself, your area, etc. And I’m not saying it’s a matter of trust, it’s more that those kind of “talk to [insert entity] for me” will always be muddled in some fashion.

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One thing you can do, is speak with the spirit, and ask them to infallibly appear to you, in the corporeal form, and promise them certain gifts if they do so.

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Truly? Ok!

Practice. Meditate, do daily rituals. Took me around 3 years to hear them. Do the work.


Yes. Then simply wait some time for them to appear. If they do not appear immediately, wait some time outside of ritual. This can be a daily practice as well. It can be an excellent foundation.

It’s much easier to hear entities (and to utilize psychic abilities) when your brain is in the theta wave state, between beta (concentration/creativity/problem solving) and delta (sleep/dreaming). You can generate theta wave oscillations while in waking consciousness by going into a trancelike state, or through deep meditation.

The information provided by the Monroe Institute is an excellent resource on this. You’ll be able to hear spirits clearly and audibly in the theta wave state, such that there is no need to guess whether or not they are your own thoughts. Naturally this can occur immediately upon waking up from the dream state, in between sleep cycles, but it can be induced at any time via trance. Otherwise, in the states of alpha and beta brainwave oscillations, you’ll have to sort the voices of spirits out from your own mental chatter by clearing your mind.


Very useful, thanks.

I can clear my mind completely and just hear nothing for pretty good periods of time.

Don’t really suffer from the mental chatter or nervous thoughts if I focus or chill.

But no voices come, but I hear you.

Having actual conversations with said entities isn’t a breeze to the ears to begin with which I’m sure you know. It’s something to train your skills over time to try to perceive what spirits are telling you. Practice makes perfect. Meditation as simple as it is but is a very effective tool to use especially when you combine your work with entities. On my part with daily closed meditation meaning simply pure silence. Your mind falls deeply once you hit the trance state, quites down and falls under deep silence of the room your in. You could hear almost everything. From every little crack on the walls to your heart beat and eventually your ears get locked in to any nearby sound in your surroundings.

When you realize that you can actually start to physically hear the silence you know your in deep. Any entities who are with you willing to will try their best to speak to you. The entities I’ve worked with as an example have all sounded very soft like and almost a bit gibberish sounding as if someone won’t stop whispering in your ears. The more you focus on that particular voice the more your ears can make out what they say.


Ok thanks, so mega silence seems a must.

Hard to find.

Just afking in the woods may be the way to do this.

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Let your hearing drift back, as if friends were behind you talking. Now let it raise up a bit, as if you just stepped down a stair. This is what we are supposed to aim for, above and behind the ears, focusing our direction of hearing there, but not audible hearing, use earplugs at first.


Ok, EXACTLY the typ eof shit I was lookng for, helps A LOT.

I was already doing something instinctively like that too, feeling it out.


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