How can you tell if your Invocation is successful? How does it feel like?

I have been trying a lot of invocation and other rituals. But idk know if they are working.

I usually feel kinda tried and my body sometimes vibrates in weird way.

So how can I tell if my invocations (not evocation) are working? How does it feels like?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Tiredness is a good sign. Vibrations are as well.

Keep them up - eventually you will notice yourself changing. Those effects are what you should be looking for, until then just keep grinding at it.


I wanna chenge myself and my personality. So if I do enough repetation will I be able to see noticeable results?

Fuck yes.

But look into other avenues of self transformation too. The layered social spell I posted is one of those.

Working out another. Going out is as well.

Keep your mind open.


The success depends on your psychic skills. During invocation your consciousness will change, your perception will be alerted and change of thinking paterns.
With repetitons this experience will change you from within, and you can expect to absorb the powers of the invoked deity so to became your own.