How can you strengthen the bond to a Succubus/Spirit?


I’m in a relationship with a Succubus and have been for some years now, I can feel her physically on my body, and it feels amazing.
The intensity varies alot, some weeks I feel her really strong and it feels extremely good, other weeks she feels like a soft breeze and I can’t stop feeling like I miss her “strong” touch.

Though she has been around me for years, I still haven’t been able to see or communicate with her, and I have noone to really help me, since it’s not something you just tell your friends at random, in my case anyway.

So I’m basicly asking for help!
to communicate with her and strengthen the bond to her and a way to feel/sense her better and make the sensation as strong as possible
or just to have a way to know if she is happy with me or if she thinks im a total idiot hehe, even just knowing her name would be great :slight_smile:

hope someone can help


Succupedia can help you with this. And there is a site called but I would check with Succupedia first and get his advice about your situation and the website I mentioned.


thank you!, didn’t know that site, so many out there ! it’s a jungle
thanks again, playing around with an improvised pendulum, though the answers cannot be very complex, it gives me a sort of comfort :slight_smile:


Yeah I know. He also has a blog on WordPress under the same name. If I may ask, how did you summon your succubus.

I second the summoning of the great @succupedia He has been in a committed relationship with 2 spirits for a number of years, and has some good insight on sensing and feeling energies. I recommend reading some of his posts about it.They may have some advice to help.


I don’t know tbh.
It started back in 2012 I think, I was having alot of sleep paralysis that let me into a lucid dream state, and in one of those dreams I saw a young woman and I was attracted to her and we hugged, and I woke up.

I later felt a presence near me, like my left side would feel warmer, and I would feel a sort of breeze around me, always stronger on the left side.
I started feeling her stronger, when I went to bed, and it has been that way ever since.
Sometimes I feel her really strong touching me, but I haven’t been able to see her again in my dreams, though I hope to do so.
it all happens when I’m awake, and never when I dream, so I really miss seeing her, but just feeling her is ok :slight_smile:

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I hope you get the answers you are looking for. And may you continue to be happy in your relationship.

thank you, that link sent me on the right track I think, a good start anyway, :slight_smile:

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I’m in the process of using the Letter of intent to Lilith to send me an Incubus companion/lover. It was suggested by Succupedia to use this method.


i plan on following the Letter Method myself, on my upcoming birthday.


@succupedia I summon thee

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reading about that now :slight_smile:
I hope it works for you, I agree that you need to have strong intentions, and you should always be respectfull and though your lover will be spirit, you should treat the relationship as it was a relationship to a physical person, with all the consequences that entails.

at a point in my relationship, I started to lay on my bed naked, to feel her touch on my skin, perhaps this will work for you aswell.
though the intent can be of sexual character, I still feel that Lilith deserves the proper respect, it’s not just sex,it’s something deeper, though for some it is “just sex”.


There’s several ways to strengthen your bond with your succubus, especially when you have the ability to feel her presence on a physical level.

Start off with either automatic writing or mirror scrying.

With automatic writing, all you need is a pen and paper. Write down your questions, then explain to her that she’s allowed to control your hand and wrist to write her answer. It’s important that you pay attention to your ability to sense her touch and follow it through. Keep your hand and wrist loose.

With mirror scrying, you use a regular mirror of medium size or big enough to see half your body. Keep your focus on a specific spot on your reflection. Your eyes or your forehead. And keep the room dim. When you gaze on your reflection, it will change after a while and it often morph. Sometimes it even changes colors to green, purple or something else. Keep looking, even if it feels awkward and disturbing, because things happen when you pass the morphing stage.

Don’t feel limited because you can’t hear or see her, because there’s a lot you can do with your Clairsentience ability. More than most black magicians think.


I’ve decided to do it on New Years day at 3AM. As the saying goes out with the old in with the new.


That was originally my idea as well, but I decided the day and hour of my birth would be more meaningful.


I agree with you 100%.

thank you!
gonna try the mirror :slight_smile:


also good luck to you two, hope it works out for you, wish I had some tips for summoning, but it just sort of happened to me

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Other things to consider when bonding with her: Stay honest with her about everything. Share your deepest thoughts, past events, happines, sadness, joy or anger.

She may allready know things about you, but when you also share it freely on your own terms and conditions, she will know that she can trust you whole heartedly.


I already am :slight_smile:
there is no other way than being honest, she already know me 100%
I feel that you have to give of yourself, though it is complicated, so you work on strengthening the bond aswell

I’m in deep with her already I feel, but I just lack a way of communication, beyond trusting my spontane thoughts/inner dialog
I guess I want some sort of confirmation, though the physical touch should be enough to convince me that it is real, guess I’m a sceptic by nature.

btw how do I properly use the mirror,
I tried just starring at myself and watch how my face changed, but nothing, apart from that, happend.

thank you btw, all input is appreciated! :slight_smile: