How can one be sure that they are actually doing something in the astral and not just imagining doing it

The question is the topic name. Asking because in the past when I have Astral Projected, I don’t know if what I do in the astral is actually happening or just in my head.

Like fighting someone. Or creating something.

Results. When your actions In the astral cause manifestation in other layers of reality, including your subtle bodies, then it was effective.

Bear in mind, imagination is also real. You have your own personal mental space in the astral that’s not shared with other beings. You can move stuff around in here, create thoughtforms that only exist for you personally in this space and don’t have to overlap much with other densities.


Some minutes ago I went into the border of sleep and awake, I imagined rope out of my body and in the 3rd pulling I was out, I felt it with my body. But at that moment there was a shift in sight, but anyway I did things in the room, I wanted to go back but I didn’t saw my body, then I realised that the shift was shift into lucid dreaming about the room. At the same time a voice gave me life advice that I have to gave myself to my goals, so all my chakras will be involved.

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