How can I make a Relationship with an Elemental Spirit?

Hello everyone, i’d love to pick your brains on something new :>

I was talking to Thackory, a friend/mentor, and he told me about elemental spirits. He usually teaches me new things and I wanted to get in contact with a spirit that isn’t really demonic, mostly because he doesn’t advise it. We didn’t have enough time to discuss how to do so. So i’d love to hear your suggestions! I’ve always had an affinity for water and air and being able to have a relationship or even make a pact with a spirit of those elements would be amazing. I’m an Aquarius, I’m not sure if that has to do with anything but it says they are closer to air and water. Anyway, If anyone has any ritual or spell that’ll let me have a closer relationship with theses elemental bois I would be very grateful.

Also, I would like to have a physical connection with one, not just get closer to pure water or wind. I’d like to hear the voice of the spirit, interact with it in my dreams, things of the sort. :>

(By the by, any method other than spells or rituals will help. Also, some warning signs would be nice too, I don’t wanna die summoning an ancient wind thing lolol.)

Zodiac doesn’t have really anything to do with it, but there’s a plethora of elemental entities, water, fire, earth, air, light, dark, aether, death, etc there’s many elemental energies and different elemental entities tied to them.

While I personally naturally use to attract them, what I come to learn when the one air elemental I use to have watch over me as a kid it was more when I tried to connect with the nature around me (meditating on the idea of becoming one with said nature around me, but not like literal taking it into me) it started to attract more elementals, mainly the 4 basic elemental elementals not the non-basic ones like dark ones, light ones, storm ones, etc, shadow people are dark energy elemental ones.


Interesting, thank you very much! I’ll definitely start meditating on this more and try to connect to nature a bit more. I’ll keep you updated if anything pops up.

If anyone else has anything to say, im all ears :>

The four basic elemental spirits are the Salamanders for fire, Gnomes for earth, Sylphs for wind, and Undines for water.

Each one of these elements has a king.

Djinn for fire(Not the Arabic demon), Ghob for earth, Paralda for wind, and Nicksa/Nyxsa for water.

Their sigils are: d870d0037a589ac664786700f37b2e0076db761b


Oh wow, these are amazing! I love how the sigils look :>

If you don’t mind me asking where did you get this information? I’d love to do some research myself. Also, how would I use these to sigils benefit my goal? Would I evoke one of the kings/queens to ask for guidance, keep the sigils on me to attract spirits, how would I go about using the sigil?

Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it a lot! If anyone else has anything to add don’t be afraid to!

I obtained this knowledge through simple research. Besides, it’s not that uncommon. This website has some information on them I believe, Also, I learned a lot about them and other such spirits in the book “Enchantment of the Faerie Realm”. You can use the sigils to contact the kings just like you would use a sigil for a demon. You can ask for guidance. I don’t think it will attract spirits. You can use it like any other sigil.

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Oh there’s also looking into the seelie and unseelie courts of the Irish/Celtic Pantheon, they have some literal elementals and they also have fae who represent the elements.


Nice! Thanks for providing the link, I’ll be using the site heavily lol. Also, I’ll be sure to call upon Nyxsa and Paralda for some guidance. Can’t wait to see my first Sylph or Undine :>

As for the books I might just end up buying them for some extra info. Can’t put a limit on how much you can learn lol!

I would love to hear more from all you magicians knowledgeable on the subject out there! Don’t be afraid to inform me :smile:

Ooo, that sounds pretty interesting. I’ll check that up! :>

If you’re interested in Fae then I got a fair share of information for you. Only if you want to know though.

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I’m always interested to learn new things, and the Fae have been on my radar lately. You seem to know your stuff, so please tell me everything you know about the subject. It would be pretty cool as I know nothing of the Fae, I’ve always thought they were just tiny fairies lol.

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Oh boy are you wrong yet not wrong. I’ll tell you through PM to not get more off topic.


Do you think you can help me out with info on fae. I found out I have a Gean Cánach fae. And would like to know what types of gifts I can provide him to make him feel comfortable, how to bond with him, and anything that attracts him by scents or something


Since it’s a celtic fae, you’re in ways better off researching and reaching out to the entity or the pantheon it’s part of. Comparing notes and the likes.

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It’s popularly known that many of the fae love sugar. So, start with that. Anything sweet can suffice.
The Gean Cánach is known to do it with women, so perhaps, once your relationship gets better or stronger, if your comfortable, you can gift it some of your sexual fluids.
I’ve not worked with one of these so I have no idea what they like specifically, plus they’re individuals too so he can have stuff he likes that some other may not.
Ask him, see what he says and go from there.

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How can I communicate with fae? I’m new to fae. Ik alot about regular spirits… Human, demon, djinn etc

There are many ways of contacting them. You can evoke them just like you would any other spirit, they can come to you, you can go out into your woods and leave them gifts, etc.

You might like to check this out: Pathworking with the Fay

I love the fae too! Have always been intrigued by them, but they can definitely be quite mean. I encountered some during an astral trip once and I am too embarrassed to share details. I simply wanted their help with something but they were not here for it. Let’s just say I was deeply shocked, offended, taken aback and definitely somewhat scared all at once. The little tiny voices do crack me up though lol.
That being said, I still like to hear other’s encounters or advice of them as well.

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