How can I make a person fear me?

Are there any spells or calling up on spirits to get a certain man to fear me?


From Henry Archer’s book, The Magick of Angels and Demons:

Vehuiah and Bael have the power to “make an enemy irrationally afraid.”

Achahia and Amon can “make another person afraid of your apparent strength.”


Apparent strength as in related to fighting?

And you mean Bael as in that Bael from Goetia?

No. It doesn’t specify. It just says “afraid of your apparent strength,” which I take to mean that when the enemy looks upon you, they will be given the impression that you are not one to mess with.

And yes, Bael from the Goetia. The book uses the combination of the 72 Angels of the Shemhamforash and the 72 demons of the Lesser key.


Keep your aura up and clean. Imagine fighting in war. Stare at random people in public until they turn away first. Believe you are the most bad ass person on Earth. Carry that energy with you at all times.

Becoming a vampire helps too.

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What’s the demonic armour for, it’s a story

Listen to the Knight. Archer’s book is VERY powerful. And the ritual is insanely easy. I just used it today and it is working right now.


How do you perform it

You don’t need any special tools. Is just the book and maybe a notebook to write in. 13 easy steps. And if 13 sounds like a lot of steps, well, they aren’t. You just need to write (or think) the sentence that most resembles what you want, do a simple concentration exercise, say the right words in the right order and that’s about it. I haven’t memorized it yet, but used it three times and two of the things I wanted alredy manifested (I did a ritual for a friend yesterday, she probably needs more time).

Read the book, it may be one of the best reads of your life.


Thanks, will do

It’s a visualization exercise for people.

Or you can act crazy and get people scared that way.

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@DarkestKnight @ReyCuervo

I appreciated the info on this book. Would you recommend this for someone that works on both sides of the line or is it slanted towards one?

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Actually, it works with both, angels and demons in the same ritual. So I think it may exactly something you would like, friend.


I haven’t worked with Angels yet (knowingly). Would you recommend establishing relationships with them prior to asks, as I have with Belial a nd Hecate?

You can, but it doesn’t seem necessary. For real, the ritual can’t be any easier, just do it and then let it go, so magick can work, as you would do with any other ritual or spell.

U can imagine u aura is spikes amd surreand by black mist, or a vlassic, bath in amonia every day peopls will run away from you,

I mean shower and a cup of amonia it leave u alone from enemies