How can I improve my astral sense?

Hey guys. Just a quick question. I was wondering on how I can develop my astral senses? I have been meditating almost everyday. I have to do it with guided meditation on YouTube though because I can’t seem to sit still and keep my mind from racing. I’ve tried to do it a lot and it never works. I have bad anxiety also so that doesn’t help. I feel like I’m stuck right now. I’ve been doing sigils and trying to make contact with Bune but I can’t tell if I am heard or not cause I feel like I have no astral senses at all. I really want to move forward but I don’t know how to get past this, or what else I can do.

Also I’m sorry if there is already a post on this. I just would like some answers to my problem specifically. I don’t have a lot of room in my room but i did my best to set up an alter for Bune. I talk to Bune in my head and out loud every day. But it saddens me that I don’t know if I am heard. Or if I am I have no idea.

I have no one in my life personally to talk to about this. I really would like a mentor or something. I am jobless at the moment. (I am looking for one) so I can’t afford to buy any books. I’m not sure if there are any free ones online I could download ?

Sometimes I can sense a weird presence in my room at night. It kind of makes me anxious but maybe it’s just someone trying to tell me they are there. It’s a new feeling to me so maybe that’s why it makes me anxious. So idk if it might be Bune or just a bad spirit attracted to me since I have sigils everywhere and like crystals.

I know half this post is rambling I’m sorry. I just want someone to talk to about it because I feel so lost. I’ve been drawn to this path for years but never knew really were to start.

I’ve watched a lot of EAs videos. I’m trying to read as much as I can but if I don’t have any astral senses yet I feel like it’s gonna leave me at a road block. So yeah if anyone has any advice for me I would really appreciate it. Mostly I would love to have like a mentor of sorts. But I know you all have your own stuff to deal with and life’s to live.

Any help would be appreciated from the bottom of my black heart :black_heart:. Pm me if you would like or you can just reply.

Again sorry if this has been posted before.

You guys are awesome and I’m so happy to find this forum. I’ve learbed a lot about the Goetia but still have so much to learn.


Try looking up blue ray meditation.

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Thank you. I watched the video a while back but I’ll watch it again. I just wish I was better at meditation. I know it takes a lot of practice but I feel like I’m getting no where

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Meditation I believe . I first feel into the tgs/trance state when I was listening to something I got from on here .


Thank you for the response. I’ll look into how I can get into that trance state.


If anyone is able to contact Bune no problem, could you please ask Bune if I have ever broken through and have been heard ? That would give me some validation that I am Atleast going in the right direction

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Look up chakras, look up mudras (hand positions) for those chakras, look up the bija mantras (sounds) for those chakras, look up pranayamas (breaths) for those chakras, look up bhandas (body locks), and lastly look up asanas (yoga positions) that help with those chakras. And utilize them together in your meditation. The bija mantras will be especially helpful for you as they will help center your mind.

Before I did anything magical or occult, I just spent two years meditating on my chakras. By the time I found out about evocation and evoked Raphael, I was capable of physically seeing him with my spiritual perception.

For me to calm my mind at this point is very easy. To help you calm your racing mind I recommend you do a candle meditation. Simply sit cross-legged in front of a lit candle. Set an alarm for five minutes at first, and simply stare at the candle. When thoughts come accept them, move on, and continue staring at the candle. As you get better, you can extend the time until you are able to stare at the candle with no thoughts for an hour.


We were actually talking about this on another thread. I posted both my astral travel technique and my psychic development original void meditation.

Hope this helps, Cheers!


Thank you so much! I’ll take a look right now


here are some tips meditation use binaural beats get a flute play it buy a drum and bang on it like crazy the shamans use drums for meditation as it heightens the senses


i think that you should do deep trance meditation

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If you can’t sit still… Try listening to people chattering or any kind of white noise while meditating



Yes, while most of the stuff on Joy of Satan is complete bullshit, they certainly have great meditation practices.