Creating the Astral Double for OBE

Experiencing an OBE is very difficult for me and takes a lot of practice. My biggest issue is keeping my body relaxed before my astral double exits… this tiny fragment of excitement combined with my physical sensation from the vibration and sounds keeps my physically tied down thus not allowing me to fully project. I have done this very very few times, and uunfortunately not enough times yet to retrieve and recall the memories very clear and crisp. Any advice from experienced people who are excellent with OBE… not astral travel. I mean real/true OBE


Can you explain the difference between these two? For a neophyte or someone who is not much familiar with the subject, both terms mean more or less the same!

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When one astral travels he has visualization within his mind of where he is going. Receiving information by traveling through “a consciousness”… Out of Body experience is when your astral body creates a double copy of itself and your mind is awake but your body falls asleep, while you move around in real time in an astral body that looks similar to your physical body. Actually PROJECTING yourself out of your body in which we have 2 different memories at the same time with 2 difference experiences. One of your physical sleeping body with its own consciousness, and your astral body with its own consciousness and thinking as well


It is the same. OBE is Out of Body Experience. And in Astral travel you get out of body. Conscious OBE is astral travel, but subconscious OBE takes place when you sleep. Whatever your spirit see, does and wherever it goes in the astral plane is to you dream(s).


I have learned a bit differently. But if you any advice please lmk :slight_smile: … the exit is not getting any easier

OK, the only difference I can understand is that in soul travel one has hightened sense perception and directing it through visualization he / she perceives things of distance, other realm with an woke body. I think this is how cosmic gods with their almost all perceiving consciousness possesses others when being called upon, even by two magicians at the same time.

While in astral travel one first gets out of body, at least the conscious part of mind as the unconscious mind is still maintaining different bodily function in the state of deep sleep, and then roams around in different places/realms. I think yogis, or even malevolent entities use this to possess others, even dead bodies in yogic lores, though that will be transference of both conscious and sub conscious part of the mind.

If it is excitement that is hindering you then first identify and work on that particular sensation in your body. I had same issue in lucid dreaming. Body scanning vipassana helped a lot. And then contemplating meditation, looking at the futility of the whole thing of astral/lucid dreaming took away a lot of childish excitement that comes with it. I think you should try both of these .


Astral Travel is simply exploring the world with your astral body. This cuts you off from the higher planes (mental, casual, formative, abyss, etc).

Try to enter the higher planes with your astral body and you are gonna have a very hard time.

Soul Travel
This is exploring the higher planes with your HIGHER BODIES!
Mental body=Mental Plane
Casual Body=Casual Plane

Its not just some “heightened perception” shit. You are able to explore all realms with your whole being.

Whereas in Astral Travel you are limited to the Astral Plane in your Astral body.

Makes sense?


Sorry for the misleading terminology but I don’t think being aware of bodies beyond the casual body is that easy. There are infinite realms and also infinite types of bodies corresponding to those. Even smallest amount of conscious control of any of those higher body can make one a demi-god.

And one can be aware of those higher realms with hightened perception, opening the 3rd eye. I mean if clairvoyance, clair-etc can work horizontally, then why not vertically? Hightened perception is a big thing in yoga, that’s why I am asking.

I am sure in any kind of travel, some part of ones being gets transferred . But how much I don’t know, in some technique enough to lose consciousness of the body, in other not enough.
And sorry to OP for derailing the thread.


Nah, that would mean one’s body dropping dead, with no subconscious mind to take care of bodies automatic functions. U got ur theory wrong , bro! Doesn’t make sense!!!



Evoke a demon and ask it to pull you out of your body.
lmhao, works fastest. :wink:




Until you reach the formative plane and can look The Creator in the Eye and return back to your body…
Dont knock it until you try it. Nuff Said.


Why call it a copy of astral body/ of consciousness. It would have been a copy if one copy remained within the body maintaining its walking state, playing tennis , cooking, whatever. While the other copy roamed around like a ghost. Seems more like a transference of consciousness to me! If the body is unconscious then the original thing is out, not a copy of it.

Setting the record straight once and for all. Now this is coming from a guy who has not only brought a woman to orgasm through astral sex while in her physical body, but also visited the moon, Agartha, the deep past and distant future, but even once possessed the body of a man in China for over 5 minutes.

Firstthings first the whole concept of an astral body is actually nothing more than a series of visualization techniques to convince the subconscious that it has a form through which to experience the QIM as if it were something that can be experienced in the way a human is able to experience it. IE as if it was happening to the physical senses. But the subconscious knows it’s not the physical body so we have to tell it it has an astral body that can translate what is happening in the QIM through the brain sensory input areas of the central nervous system.

There is no second body that you travel out of your body with. You only experience an illusion of this that your limited brain is able to comprehend. You never actually go anywhere because you are already everywhere. Only your perception changes.

Space and time do not exist in the way they do in the 4th dimensional world. In the higher dimensions everything is happening all at once from infinite start to infinite end. Meaning no start and no end. Only a big huge lump of information extending into infinite infinities.


See, I knew I was right. I am f#%&$πg smart!!! It IS about PERCEPTION!

And don’t tell me it is you who experienced the ‘body of a Chinese man’ in the truest sense of it! If yes , then RESPECT.

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I did indeed enter the backdoor of this guy’s brain to experience his body first hand the same way a demon possesses a human. To his family members looking on in horror he was speaking in tongues but it was really just me speaking English. Asking where the hell I was and how I got there. Then seeing myself in this guy’s bathroom mirror was the most disturbing part.


Dope as hell

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Lol then you wanna advise on the reason I posted since you know lol. Someone help me get past this exit barrier!!!

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The " Barrier" of which you speak is of your own making. Your own doubts are holding you back. Just do my original void meditation and start having your OBE already also it helps to have an idea of what you want to experience while out. What do you want to visit or see or do? Have that in mind before you do your thing.


Its not a doubt at all. I have left my body before however I still have trouble with keeping my body completely relaxed during the exit stage. The vibrating makes me tense and excited. Its a natural body reflex. If you never had to overcome this maybe you never had to issue. Looking for someone who has had this problem

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